Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Largest Population of Veterans Live In California, and Suicides Uncounted

While, to some of us, it was just more data to prove the numbers of veterans committing suicide have been false, too many just pushed and pushed for publicity. 

Strange thing is, the one question that never seems to get asked is; What's the point of using a number to tell veterans they are committing suicide? It makes sense for researchers seeking funding to actually change the outcome, but makes no sense for individuals to raise money for simply talking about something they do not understand or have plans to fix anything.

When news came out in March that California does not track veterans committing suicide, none of the folks raising awareness mentioned that when they pushed the false number of "22" a day.

California Legislators Push For Better Tracking of Veterans Who Commit Suicide
Assemblyman Dr. Joaquin Arambula authored the bill, and said accurate data will help officials better understand the full scope of the veteran suicide problem in California.
JULY 25, 2017
California does not require a certificate of death filed with the local registrar to include service in the armed forces.
(TNS) -- It’s an attempt to address a stark reality former military service members and their families face: Finding reliable data on veterans who have died from suicide.

A proposal for new state legislation seeks to help confront the issue by requiring certificates of death to show if a deceased person was ever a member of the United States Armed Forces. In addition, it requires the state Department of Health to access death records and compile a report on veteran suicides beginning in 2019.

Richard Sawyer of Marysville, a service officer with Disabled American Veterans, American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars, said the proposed legislation would be useful.
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