Saturday, November 18, 2017

Homeless Vietnam Veteran, after serving his country for 34 years!

Want to know what good reporters can do?

Start with this Vietnam veteran, who also happens to be post-9-11 veteran.
"Homeless, after serving his country for 34 years. He was part of the last Vietnam War draft in 1971 and was called back into full active duty after 9-11. Due to age, he was forced to retire in 2012 and decided to go back to school on a G.I. Bill."
He didn't give up afterwards. He had ambition enough to go back to college, but the VA messed up his claim.
"The debt piled up. The V.A. eventually decided that not only was it not going to pay Harold, but it had mistakenly overpaid him $15,000 and wanted that money back. Harold couldn't pay, so the V.A. turned him over to the Department of the Treasury, which now wanted $20,000. Harold dropped out of school, lost everything and had to sneak onto his old boat to sleep because he couldn't afford the slip fees."
There is a happy ending to this story and you can read it here! NewsChannel 3 Investigates by C. J. Ward

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