Saturday, January 6, 2018

Another Veteran's Suicide Leaves More Questions

This is the headline.
"Veteran suicide prompts awareness, resources available for those who need help"
And this is the story of the veteran who committed suicide three days into this New Year!
It was just two days ago that a 31-year-old man from Potterville took his own life and the situation has left many wondering what could have been done to prevent this tragedy from happening. 
The 31-year-old man from Potterville was a military veteran who deputies reported suffered from PTSD, depression and a serious brain injury. 
It was just before 1 p.m. on Wednesday that Clinton County Sheriff’s Officials were dispatched to East Olive Elementary School in St. Johns for a report of a psychiatric person.When they arrived on scene, sheriff’s officials determined the man was suicidal and armed with a handgun. 
Authorities contacted a Clinton County negotiator who spoke with the man for several hours. Unfortunately, the man ended up taking his own life and died of a single gun-shot wound.
Click the link to read more on this from WLNS News. 

In the interview, Eric Calley talked about all the resources that are available for veterans. The question that never seems to get answered is, "Why don't they turn to these 'resources' when they are in crisis instead of giving up?"

Last year law enforcement had to face off with veterans almost every week. Sometimes, it ended with the veteran getting some help. Other times it ended with the veteran being arrested and facing charges. Too often, it ended with the veteran's life being taken and members of law enforcement having to deal with the loss that did not needed to happen.

These men and women go from risking their lives to not being willing to live any longer. Something totally wrong with all of this, but then there has been something totally wrong going on with everything being "available" but failing too many. 

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