Thursday, May 31, 2018

Why did reporters ignore such a massive failure?

The Ugly Truth About Memorial Day
Combat PTSD Wounded Times
Kathie Costos
May 31, 2018

Why did reporters ignore such a massive failure?

It seems as if the American public is only paying attention to what they are told by members of the media pretending that suicides tied to military service is important. We missed the ugly truth about how many should have survived what our government did and what reporters ignored. 

The truth is, none of them have paid attention. We read about the "number" of veterans they want us to believe are committing suicide every day, but they do not want us to look at the facts.

We hear about members of the military committing suicide, in our local papers or among social media sites. What we do not get, is a true idea of exactly how many are being ignored...unless you actually know where to look.

This is six years of the Department of Defense Suicide Report that shows after all of the "training" in prevention, publicity on "efforts" by members of Congress to "prevent" suicides within the military and in the veterans community, all the money spent, all of the "awareness" raised, this is the result of all of it.

Department of Defense Quarterly Suicide Report

Now compare that to how many were killed in Afghanistan 

This is the one topic that should cross over political lines but we failed to see this massive failure was happening and no one did anything about it!

Too many are gone and we cannot bring them back. All we can do is hold all of our politicians accountable so that next Memorial Day we will not have more graves filled because of service than combat itself!

When your member of Congress talks about the Bills they wrote to "address" suicides, remember the deadly results after they "did" something without ever figuring out what the hell they needed to do!

By the way, I tried to do something about making people aware of what was going on back in 2007!

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