Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Vietnam Veterans honored in Longwood

Today at the VFW Post 8207 in Longwood, Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy presented Vietnam veterans and their families with pins and challenge coins.

It was a day to remember them and all they did for this country so that no generation would ever be betrayed like they were.

On a personal note, it is why I am heartsick that they are once again, forgotten by the generations who came after them.

Veterans over the age of 50 are the majority of the known veterans committing suicide, but none of the new groups want to help them.

They waited longer for compensation and to have their caregivers helped out along the way, and are still waiting for someone to even notice we are here.

So yes, the Vietnam Veterans deserve much more than this day but it was nice to hear the kind words.

Sgt. Dave interviewed people for his radio show Remember The Fallen
Listen to the compelling story of the First Vietnamese Congresswoman Murphy's families survival of fleeing Communist Vietnam and being saved while drifting in the China Sea without any gas by the US Navy Vietnam Veterans. Most of all, how she and her staff with the assistance of VFW Post 8207, raised the bar, by honoring our Vietnam Veterans with passion and dignity with the pinning of The VNW50th Lapel Pin. God Bless Our Vietnam Veterans
Listen to "1ST Vietnamese Congress Woman Murphy Honors VNW 50th Veterans" on Speaker.

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  1. Political Observer covered it and did not even notice anyone there other than a camera man you can see across the room. http://orlando-politics.com/2018/09/11/murphy-honors-more-than-40-local-vietnam-veterans/


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