Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Roxbury Social Services got Vietnam Veteran out of needs help

Helping a Homeless Vet Drains Roxbury Social Services Account

Tap Into Roxbury
October 30, 2018
Roxbury Social Services can be reached at (973) 448-2026. Wald can be emailed at Donations can also be made through Friends of Roxbury Social Services.
ROXBURY, NJ – When Roxbury Social Services Director Janet Wald learned about the Vietnam veteran living in his car, Wald did what she usually does: Everything she could to help.

Her efforts aided the fellow, at least temporarily, but they also pretty much wiped out the money Social Services sets aside for temporary housing of the homeless.

The matter was raised by Roxbury Councilman Bob DeFillippo at a recent meeting of the Roxbury Mayor and Council. He asked Roxbury residents to donate some money to help replenish Wald’s temporary housing account.

“Social Services could really use some help, so I’m giving a shout-out to the community,” Defillippo said. “Janet could use some donations … to replenish that housing budget.”

Wald said she expended about $1,200 helping the man.

“This gentleman, a veteran, was also a New York City policeman and a 9/11 responder,” Wald said. “He ended up homeless. He was living out of his car.”

On top of that, the 69-year-old was suffering from a “pretty big hole” in his foot caused by an ulcer and was “going back and forth to a doctor,” according to Wald.
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