Friday, January 11, 2019

Police Officer saved suicidal man because of Marine training

Quick thinking Columbus police officer saves man from suicide

Four States
By: Jeremiah Cook
Posted: Jan 08, 2019
Officer Gurney says training he received in the Marine Corps, and during his time with the Columbus Police Department is what turned tragedy into a chance to get someone in need help. But Columbus Police Chief Jason Daniels says who officer Gurney is played just as big a role in how things turned out.
The quick thinking of a police officer is being credited with saving the life of a Columbus man, and giving a community the opportunity to discuss a nation-wide problem.

"It was clearly someone who was distressed, someone who needed help, and so my primary goal was to get him that help,” says Officer Christopher Gurney.

Just after midnight Monday morning, Columbus police officer Christopher Gurney says he was on a routine patrol of the city when the first call for help came in. Police chief Jason Daniels says what happened next should send a strong message to the entire community.

When Gurney arrived on scene, he says all he knew was that someone needed help. Around 12:30 Monday morning, dispatch called for an officer to respond to reports of someone preparing to commit suicide. Officer Gurney has only been with the Columbus Police Department for five months, but credits the knowledge passed on to him by his fellow officers for giving him the tools he needed to think fast and save a man's life.
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