Saturday, January 19, 2019

Vietnam Veteran Peter Turnpu Laid to Rest With Honor

Mourners pay respects at funeral of veteran with no family

ABC 13 News
Gary Hall
January 18, 2019
"He was a veteran and we are all brothers at heart. He didn't have no family, he didn't have no relatives and that's why we are here for him," said Jack McGrath.

WRIGHTSTOWN, N.J. -- On Friday, strangers became family to a veteran who died all alone with no known family.
Most had never heard his name and didn't know his life story but they showed up by the dozens to pay respect and say goodbye to 77-year-old Peter Turnpu. Leroy Wooster of Wooster Funeral Home and Cremation Service said, "We have to give honor to those who have served and Peter would have had no one here if we didn't reach out." Wooster said when he heard about Turnpu's death, he couldn't just let the Vietnam veteran be buried alone. He paid for the funeral and invited the community to attend the service.
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