Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Veteran just restored hope to my heart

The wounds you can feel, just as real as the ones you can see

I see so many using heart-wrenching stories for their own benefit, that I tend to get to the point where I just open the emails I have to post and ignore all the others.
 Every once in a while, I'll see an email that reassures me, most of the people actually trying to make a difference for our veterans, do it for the right reasons. 

Today, I just opened one of those and I have to tell you that it came at the right time.
You know, the same type of message I've been preaching for over 3 decades! Are you hearing it now?

The reports of recent suicides started to put my heart through a meat grinder. Well, this veteran just pulled it out before it turned into dinner for the "awareness divas" running around screaming for attention for themselves, while the rest of us are losing hope because we're losing a lot more than those folks will ever mention.

Roland Van Deusen MSW
Veteran, retired counselor
Clayton NY 

And look how long he's been delivering his message!

To Veterans with Invisible Wounds
Ronald Van Deusen
November 19, 2012

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  1. Thanks for posting this so it can reach more troubled veterans. Has been used & shared by grunts in Iraq & Afghanistan, VA suicide & PTSD programs, discharge planner for Army's most deployed division, 30 other programs, published in PSYCHIATRIC TIMES and COMBAT STRESS Magazines. This is all verifiable. Encourages troubled vets & troops to seek help, is tool for their families & friends. Everyone out there can use & share it, gratis.


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