Wednesday, March 6, 2019

He planned to propose, but had to plan funeral instead

Fatal shooting began with an accidental bump in city club, victim's boyfriend says

New Hampshire Union Leader
Mar 5, 2019

MANCHESTER — Tanya Hall and Jeremy Winslow were having a “picture perfect” night Saturday.

Jeremy Winslow, right, planned to propose to Tanya Hall on a trip to Barbados in four weeks. Hall was fatally shot outside a Manchester bar on Saturday.

He picked her up at her home in Hudson, right on time at 6 p.m., but she joked that he was late. He noticed that she hadn’t put her lipstick on yet and she explained that she had waited so she could kiss him without smearing it, Winslow said.

They laughed through dinner and martinis, then decided to go dancing at Club Manchvegas.
From the lobby of the courthouse, Winslow said the trouble began when he accidentally bumped into another man in the club’s bathroom.

Winslow said the man he bumped into was wearing a jacket identifying him as a member of the biker organization BRO and demanded that Winslow say ‘Excuse me.’

Winslow left the bathroom and returned to dance with Hall, but he noticed several other men wearing BRO jackets, and as he grabbed his coat to leave the club, one of them again told Winslow to say ‘Excuse me.’ Winslow said that man was Moura.

Three of the men wearing BRO jackets followed Winslow and Hall outside the club and to their car, Winslow said.

“As soon as the car door shut, someone had punched her side of the window. It didn’t break, but someone punched my side as well, who I identified as Justin Moura,” he said. He quickly pulled out of the parking lot and onto Old Granite Street. “As I passed these two guys who were standing right there on the corner, I heard my back window break and I thought to myself it was a rock.”

Hall told him “They hit me,” Winslow said, but he didn’t understand what she meant at first. She laid her head on his shoulder and they kept talking as he drove to a nearby police station. But Hall began to go limp, and when Winslow lifted her head up she slumped forward and he saw the bullet hole in her back.
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