Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Mind boggling questions on COVID-19

COVID-19 Common Sense Questions

Wounded Times
Kathie Costos
April 22, 2020

There are just way too many claims about COVID-19 that are made by people who cannot back it up with facts all over social media.

What troubles me the most is there are too many who do not even bother to ask questions to clear things up.

My first question deals with the protestors. Do protestors know any facts at all?

Take North Carolina and the protestors who apparently have not heeded any of the warnings or recommendations from the experts, taking to the streets in large crowds without bothering to cover their own faces so they do not spread the virus to all the other strangers near them.

Hundreds gather in North Carolina and Missouri to protest stay-at-home orders

It isn't as if they are able to prevent the spread enough that they should even be talking about this, but they have not bothered to learn how to prevent it, thus preventing their fellow citizens from going back to whatever "normal" was for them sooner.

If masks are to prevent the wearer from spreading the virus, what good do they do to protect the healthcare workers from getting it from patients?

This is from last month but explains the point of this question.
In the area of Seattle that’s been hardest-hit, some nurses in emergency departments are washing and reusing surgical masks, gloves and gowns. They may work on a patient for hours or more before learning they tested positive for COVID-19.
“I’ve got a two-day supply of masks, so we’re trying to be conservative,” said Dr. Stephen Anderson, an emergency physician at the MultiCare Auburn Medical Center in suburban Seattle. “You get one in the morning. You clean it and reuse it.
The intent of the face masks to prevent the person wearing it from infecting someone else. That is why they wear them in operating rooms. The patient does not wear it to protect them!

Why aren't healthcare providers and responders given face shields to protect them from patients?

Police in NJ Town Wear Special Suits, Face Shields to Stave Off COVID-19

Why do some people pass off the pandemic as nothing more serious than the flu? When you look at the numbers consider that here in the US, CNN reported "New autopsy results show two Californians died of coronavirus in early and mid-February -- up to three weeks before the previously known first US death from the virus." But these are the numbers now.
Deaths COVID-19: Approximately 178,371 deaths reported worldwide; 45,075 deaths in the U.S., as of Apr. 22, 2020.*

Flu: 291,000 to 646,000 deaths worldwide; 12,000 to 61,000 deaths in the U.S. per year.
When will people understand that we only know a fraction of the people hit by this?

Is The U.S. Testing Enough For COVID-19? As Debate Rages On, Here's How To Know
Nationally, testing has increased in recent weeks. According to the CDC, nearly 700,000 tests were completed last week. But the U.S. is not yet near the 10% positive benchmark.
Considering we have not managed to answer the more obvious questions on this, getting real answers to stop the poor attitude spreading out across the country will have the same odds that are not good.

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