Monday, May 25, 2020

Remembering on Memorial Day

Update Back fromNew Hampshire State Veterans Cemetery

Ceremonies for Memorial Day canceled...but honor remains

Wounded Times
Kathie Costos
May 25, 2020

All across the country, Memorial Day events have been canceled because of COVID-19. While many are not even trying to honor the day, any more than they are trying to honor the rules to keep others safe, in houses all over the country, people honor this day.

Honor Flights had to be canceled. Rolling Thunder ride was canceled. The list goes on, but bargain shoppers still search for sales.

Later today I am going to a cemetery for the first time because their event has been canceled. I want to avoid crowds as much as possible. So do most of the people I know.

This is for those among us who miss the reverence of Memorial Day events.

One of the projects I did in Valencia College for Digital Media, was this video. Friends did a pretty good job even though they were not actors and the man who played Dad, had long dreadlocks, he had to stuff under his hat. I rented the uniform for him.

The thing that got me the most watching it again, was they wanted to do it because of their love for those who do serve...and the Mom was in the Army!

Dance with my father again!
When I lived in Florida this was one of my favorite events to honor the men and women on Memorial Day...they paid tribute to those who died in all wars....Glen Haven Memorial Park, Winter Park FL, Memorial Day Service 2011

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