Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Another group stole my work!

Wounded Times
Kathie Costos
April 20, 2021

Of all the things I would want people to share, it would not be about "suicide awareness" because I find it repulsive. Raising awareness that veterans are killing themselves, only spreads the heartache, reminding them of all the others who gave up. Not that any of these groups has the slightest clue what the true number is, or any of the data, or any of the facts that does save lives. What makes it worse is, they have no problem stealing something that belongs to someone else!

Today I found one of my images used to promote We Are the 22 on facebook. I did a post back in 2013. It was the oldest one I could find. 
This is the link to the post I did back in 2013! I've been doing this work since 1982! I had to look them up online and discovered how much publicity they are getting. They are making money, which I never cared about in all these years. You would think they could afford to come up with things on their own or at least respect my work enough to ask if they could use it. 
I am so tired of this happening!

I was just on their Facebook page where they have used this many times and found even more!
They used this slogan over and over again!
here is the link to my post from 2016, and yes, I messed up typing the date but have the Google Search result below.

They actually used this one when the post I did was attacking all the groups doing suicide awareness!

Here is the link to the post from 2016

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