Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Veterans benefits won't suffer if government shuts down

DoD, VA officials prep for a possible government shutdown later this week

Military Times
By Leo Shane III
September 27, 2021
Last week, Veterans Affairs officials released their shutdown contingency plan, which will be less severe than other department’s because of advance appropriations approved by Congress in last year’s budget agreement.

As a result, 96 percent of VA employees will not have to worry about furloughs if a shutdown occurs, and most VA programs — including medical care, benefits processing and burials at department cemeteries — will continue uninterrupted.
In this Oct. 1, 2013, photo, National Parks Service staff stand by the barricaded Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. because of a partial government shutdown caused by a partisan budget fight in Congress. (Carolyn Kaster/AP)
In anticipation of a possible government shutdown later this week, leaders from the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs have begun warning employees of possible office closures, program interruptions and potential furloughs that will result from a budget lapse. The moves won’t mean any work stoppage for active-duty service members, but it could mean a disruption in their pay until the federal financial issues are resolved.
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On a personal note: SHAME ON THE GOP MEMBERS OF THE SENATE! read it here


  1. No, shame on the democrats for keeping our southern borders wide open, letting in millions of illegal aliens in who are carrying COVID,surrendering to the Taliban in Afghanistan, and leaving hundreds of millions of dollars or weaponry and night vision gear and armored vehicles and helicopters to the Taliban TERRORISTS! Shame on the democrats for wanting to spend 3.5 TRILLION DOLLARS THAT WE DON'T HAVE. Democrats have never met a spending bill that they didn't like. If you think that this reckless spending is sustainable, then you really are a FOOL. So, how is this the GOP MEMBERS of the Senate's fault again? There are only 50 republicans in the senate. There are 50 democrats (including one or two so-called "independents" who always caucus with the communists,(er, democrats)...PLUS the Ho vice president who will always cast a tie-breaking vote. So, why didn't the democrats get their 51 votes? HUH? But this is the GOP's fault, right? YOU ARE AN IGNORANT FOOL.

  2. I needed a good laugh today! The Taliban was because of Trump's agreement, including letting Taliban prisoners out of prison and letting out the leader from Pakistan. The "illegals" again was due to the fact that the whole time the GOP had the House, Senate and White House, they didn't do anything about fixing the broken system including the fubar of the wall. The money the Dems want is supported by the vast majority of the people. But hey, you forgot how you are probably against masks and vaccinations and don't believe silly little things like facts including how Trump not only lost the election, he kept losing because he is a sore whiny loser and was enabled and encouraged by fellow whiners who would rather destroy this country than fix a damn thing. I allowed your comment to prove that point because most of the readers of this site are interested in facts and are appalled by fanatics. But thanks again for the good laugh!


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