Saturday, March 19, 2022

War has come to Ukraine

"Usually on such days we used to say, Spring has come, but now we are saying, War has come." Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy

That is from Ukraine President Zelenskyy. That is what love does. He is staying with his people and showing them the way to fight back for their own country, for each other and for the sake of their future. They have been determined to decide that their future is living in freedom. Putin decided that he would destroy everything to stop them.That is what evil does.

Putin alone decided to do this but he could not have done any of it had he not been supported by his generals and members of the military arming their weapons and directing the bombs that have blown up hospitals, schools, homes, caused the slaughter of babies, children, women and men who never threatened them, who never attacked them. Putin has lied to his own people and those he sent to destroy Ukraine.

I beleive in the power of prayer, but I beleive in God's ability to deliver the prayers above what people choose to do.

I beleive God sees into the hearts and minds and no one can hide what they are really are from Him.

As much as I am praying for God's protection of the people of Ukraine and all those who are offering them safety in other countries, I am also praying for Putin.

I am not praying for him, but that God grants him no moments of peace. That the screams and cries of all the people he killed never go silent in his mind. That the blood of the people he murdered never get washed off his hands. That the food he fills his belly with turns bitter in this mouth and burns his stomach. That in his dreams he sees himself replacing the faces on the bodies he has burned and blown up. That when he looks at his children, he sees their faces. That when he looks at all the women he holds close, he sees the pregnant women he killed.

Putin will not care about any of them unless it becomes imbedded in his soul and becomes personal to him because it is all making his life miserable. He had no conscience but cares only about himself. I pray God makes his life more miserable than he can endure.

I pray the same for his generals carrying out his murderous orders of slaughtering the people of Ukraine. They have no courage or if they did, they would refuse to obey Putin's orders. They sit far away and tell others who and what to target and then go off and stuff their bellies and count their blood money while the men  they command are slaughtering and are slaughtered while Putin refuse to even acknowledge their deaths.

Sky News has a report on how some of the Ukrainian refugees are returning to Ukraine even as Putin's bombs destroy everything they can reach.

Millions of Ukrainian refugees have been fleeing and heading to Poland but for some, the draw to be back home is outweighing the considerable risk they know they will face if they return. This is what courage does. 

To all those in Ukraine, trying to save people and put out the fires, that is what love does and you are giving the world hope that God's strength is limitless and love cannot be defeated.

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