Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Imagine what it would be like if....

Wounded Times
Kathie Costos
May 11, 2022

My parents were first generation American and I paid attention to elections because that's how they raised me. My Mom brought me with her for everyone of them, including local elections until I was old enough to vote.

By then, I understood what a political platform was, because that was how they used to vote. Then when politicians proved they couldn't be trusted to keep to what they claimed they valued, they switched to being issue voters.

They didn't have the luxury of looking up voting records because no one had computers back then. The only thing they could do was pay attention to newspapers, and they did with dedication.

That was what I believed and still do. Elections matter and so does the platform of political parties.

I've been thinking about what a mess this country is in, and has been for a very long time. Thinking about how hard our lives are right now, reminds me of how hard they were in the past as well.

I got depressed about all of this and then I started to wonder about what it would be like if things had been different.

Imagine what it would be like if,
When the GOP had the chance do the right thing and allow Obama to nominate;who he wanted to to Supreme Court. McConnell decided he didn't care there were months left to his term and would not hold a confirmation hearing. If Obama was allowed, as all other presidents, then we wouldn't have Neil Gorsuch. If McConnell had been speaking truth about what was right and wrong, then we wouldn't have Amy Coney Barrett taking her seat weeks before the election. There isn't much that should surprise us about what happened with the rights of women to control their own bodies being obliterated. After all, that has been the Republican platform for a long time.

Imagine what it would be like if,
When the Republicans had control over the House, Senate and White House, didn't give millions away to rich people with their take cuts. It was $1.5 Trillion but for other than the sales job they delivered, not much went to us. A lot of people didn't pay much attention to it because the economy was pretty good when they took control. That bottomed out fast. What if they invested that money into what would make our lives better instead? We'll never know because none of them tried. Would we be facing all this when corporations and the rich are racking in huge sums of money? Have you read about what the gas companies are making right now while we're trying to figure out how to pay for gas and everything else?

Imagine what it would be like if,
Republicans in the House and Senate cared about the truth or honored their oath of office the first time Trump was Impeached by the majority of the House, but the Senate didn't care about a silly thing called evidence. They wouldn't even listen to any of it and that Impeachment was about what Trump did to Ukraine, withholding money that was supposed to be provided to them for their defense. Hey least we could do considering they gave up their nukes and were worried Russia still had them. What if they got that money and then proved to Russia that the US kept their word? Would we be seeing what is going on over there now? Any of it? 

I could sit her all day and list all the things that all of us should imagine and still not mention every one of them. There are just too many including the pandemic we're still suffering from. 

Anyway, the point to this is, if you can imagine what things could have been like if we didn't give our power away by not voting since some of us think they're all bad, or our votes won't really matter, that is how we got into these messes in the first place.

If you don't pay attention and respect your own place in our history, then we will end up getting more of the same out of those who take the seats of power. 

There is another thing besides what the platform is, and it is called a plank. I think it may be time for all of us to get the ones causing all the problems to walk the plank and stop letting them sink this ship! None of what has happened would have happened if they actually imagined how much damage they would cause and if they did, then why on earth would we give them a chance to do ever worse?

Considering what they've done to delude the public into thinking the election was stolen for the presidency, but their elections were all valid, that should have clued all of in on what this has all been about. Vote as if your future depends on it, because as we've seen, it does.

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