Friday, June 24, 2022

GOP sold their souls for guns and ending choice

The Supreme Court just ended the right of females to decide their own futures. They used the "moral" argument to end it a day after they rules they could not limit gun rights. While most of us find all of this repulsive, the thing is, this is why they wanted the least Christian man to ever become President of the United States.

I remember when Trump was running and I heard Republican friends I knew to be churchgoers, saying how much their faith mattered to them. Yet these same people wanted Trump because he would appoint the next members of the Supreme Court. Why was this important to them? Guns and abortions. Just those two things. Nothing else mattered to them and that is why they didn't care what else he did.

These same people didn't care he used them, because they were using him. They didn't care what lies he told or how he was a complete total failure. All they care about was these two things. 

Truth didn't matter. What Jesus taught didn't matter. What He said they were supposed to be and how to treat other people, didn't matter. And yet, these same people show up at church and receive communion while their hearts have turned against everything He stood for.

Trump proved that he follows the father of lies, and didn't care about anyone but himself. We've seen all that with the January 6th hearings on what he did and how he was willing to do anything, sacrifice anyone for what he wanted and nothing else mattered. His supporters still say they would vote for him again.

They proved they were willing to support an egomaniacal minion of Satan into the abyss because they sold their souls to protect gunfights and sacrifice the rights of everyone else to make their own choices. They also ignored the fact that God Himself gave every human the free will to make their own choices.

Things have gotten so bad in this country because of them, that people are turning away from the church, feeling they cannot turn to God even if they want to because the only thing they see and hear is the zealots preaching against all Jesus taught.

I wrote three books to help people find spiritual healing with #PTSD and had to rewrite them because people liked the story but were "offended" by the Bible passages. The GOP managed to push the other Children of God away from Him because they never knew Him or they wouldn't have allowed themselves to be corrupted by the father of lies!

Right now, I pray the people I knew repent before it is too late for them to open their eyes and see the truth again.

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