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If I helped you, can you help me?

Wounded Times
Kathie Costos
December 7, 2022

Amazing what a good therapist can do. I have rewritten these books so many times now, that I am dreaming about the characters as if they are real friends of mine. I am working on the next part but taking my time. The thing is, had it not been for my therapist, there is no way The Ministers Of The Mystery Series would have been finished.

If I helped you over the last 40 years, or since 2007 on Wounded Times, can you help me?

I wrote before about how the beginning of this year started out with the heartbreak of losing one of my best friends. I don't get much support, and to tell you the truth, most of my life has been that way. To lose someone like Gunny to COVID was like losing a part of myself. He believed in me when no one else did. He encouraged me, corrected my notorious typos, and let me know when something I wrote was spot on or totally missed the point.

So there I was, trying to rewrite the books when I felt more connected to the darkness and suffering of the story and the loneliness than I did to the hopeful messages. What made it worse, was, a lot of people liked the story but it didn't fit in with what most people believed. That meant I was struggling on every side.

I needed help to get passed that grief of losing Gunny to be able to just finish the work I started a year ago. Being an author is a lonely thing to do as it is. Add in living in a new state, having moved in 4 months before the pandemic hit, and then politics getting in the way of everything, and the loneliness grew to the point where I just couldn't trust anyone that I had not known for years. The biggest thing was, I couldn't trust myself after I lost faith in so many others and figured it had to be because I wasn't worthy of making friends or finding support like Gunny gave me.

Being able to open up to a therapist helped enough so that while I miss Gunny, my heart is no longer broken and I don't cry several times a day. Now we're working on getting me to the point where I am able to reach out again. This is the first step.

If you are dealing with #PTSD or know someone, so is everyone else in these books. They don't focus on the doom and gloom but make room for healing and hope that you can too.

If you shoved people out of your life when you needed them the most, everyone in the books did too. They all had to learn how to trust again. They all had to be encouraged, inspired, and supported by someone letting them know they were worthy of being happier.

If you wonder where God was or why He didn't prevent something, so did everyone in these books until they understood He does not mess with freewill and that includes those who choose to harm others, as much as those who refuse to do what they can to prevent something from happening.

The premise is, God tried to get the protagonist Chris to listen to Him so he wouldn't suffer. He tried over and over again but ended up having to be blamed for everything Christ went through.

So how did Chris go from, "I would have told you what I thought about God,” he looked down, “that He’s a vindictive son of a bitch playing around with people’s lives and making us suffer for fun. Now I don’t know what to think,” kind of thinking? His friends opened his eyes because they suffered too, blamed God, and suffered until someone helped them.

I couldn't put these books into "The Christian" genre because they claim it goes against "the church" when in fact, scripture supports the direct connection we all have to God and do not need a building to do it for us. If you go to church, that's fine too, as long as you accept the fact that Jesus prayed and preached outside most of the time, and then you'll understand how others who chose to not belong to a church still love God. If you have a problem with some claiming to be witches, also claim to be Christian, but can understand that the miracles in the New Testament were thought to be "witchcraft" or "sorcery" topped off with Jesus being accused of serving Beelzebub by the Pharisees then you'll be able to understand how many people used the gifts of their spirit to help others.

Ministers Of The Mystery you can also find this series on Books2Read
The Vision Awaits Prophecy: "The 13th Minister shall arise from the shadow of Proctor’s Ledge and demons will dread the sword of truth in the hands of the powerful scribe."

In modern-day Salem, The Master Ministers were preparing for the most powerful one of all would take his place as the 13th Minister. All they had to do was convince him to do it.

Ministers Of The Mystery Series explores the miraculous power within all of us to help one another achieve the purpose we were all sent here to fulfill.

Some churches say that no one can be a Christian and a witch at the same time. Are Christian witches, witches, or ministering spirits? “To each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good.” 1 Corinthians 12:7. The churches point out the passages condemning witchcraft while ignoring the fact that in each case, those practicing witchcraft were accused of doing it for evil purposes. In all the other passages, someone using gifts of the spirit was accepted because they were using their gifts to help others. So are these Christian witches, really witches or are they ministering spirits empowered by God to do good in this world?

We know evil exists. The question is, why did God let it happen? Did God try to prevent the Salem Witchcraft Trials? Did He try to prevent the suffering of His servants here on earth? If you believe the Bible then you know that God does not create evil, but He does create miracles. What if Reverend George Burroughs was sent to Salem Village to prevent the trials but the people who were supposed to help him, turned against him?

What if there is someone on this earth today sent to help heal the world and prevent suffering but is receiving the help he needs to do what he was sent to do? What if everything is in place for it to all happen, but he decides to not do it? The Scribe of Salem is book one. The Visionary of Salem is book two. 13th Minister of Salem is book three.
The Scribe Of Salem Kindle eBook and paperback, also from other book sellers
Chris thought he knew all there was to know about Salem and the Witchcraft Trials. He was about to discover how wrong he was. He began to feel as if his life was a horror novel the ghost of Thomas Aquinas started and Edgar Allan Poe was put in charge of the ending. He was about to discover how right he was about that!

He hated changes since most of the ones that already happened made his life worse. In one single night, at Bishop Hotel bar in Salem, a series of changes began that had him terrified. Chris didn't know how right he was to be afraid.A Master Minister was waiting for him in New Hampshire.

There was a time when people claimed to be Christians but proved they did not follow the values faithfully. They made false accusations against over 200 people and rejoiced when 20 were put to death because Puritans decided to hate them. It wasn't a new phenomenon. The Pharisees accused Jesus of serving Beelzebul and their lies were responsible for nailing Him to the Cross. The Puritans may have given up the persecution of so-called witches but their use of the power of lies was a lesson far too many learned. The people with gifts beyond nature were forced into hiding knowing a time would come when they too would be vindicated. The Master Ministers were preparing for when the most powerful one of all would take his place as the 13th Minister.

The Visionary Of Salem
Never underestimate the power you have within your skin! While your body came from your parents, your soul came from God. With it came everything you need to do for the purpose you were sent here to do. In Chris's case, he was sent in a time of darkness sweeping over the world to light the darkness with the flame of hope.

Chris and his friends face more battles as he struggles with trying to finish his third book. He's haunted by terrifying dreams of a woman. He is stalked by a fraud who passes himself off as a reverend while having hallucinations of Reverend George Burroughs who was hung during the witchcraft craze in 1692.

Chris always wondered what those people would think about what Salem turned into as a tourist destination. He just never thought that real witches were all around him and he wasn't the only one keeping secrets.

He discovered that the people in his life were there for a reason and a higher purpose. He had to fight to heal, reconnect to his spiritual faith, and believe in miracles again. The only thing standing in his way was his inability to believe in himself. It took a witch named Mandy to show him the power within himself. He healed, became a best-selling author of two inspirational books, a series being filmed, reunited with friends, and had more wealth and fame than he ever dreamed of, but still, he fought against changes in his life. His new psychologist was trying to get Chris to figure out what she already knew about him. She gained his trust, but he had no idea what she did in her free time.

13th Minister Of The Mystery
Chris’s battles were growing. He became so famous, he had to hire security just to be able to go out in public. After taking down Haman Cain, he was getting death threats from his cult. He hated the fame his books brought to him, as much as he hated the changes that were coming non-stop. The series from his first book, making wedding plans were only the beginning of his torment. He was shot and feared he’d never be able to use his hand again.

The worst came when he received a Master Minister of the Mystery warning.

“Dark forces are already at work writing your wedding dirge. Your assailant has been chosen but so has your avenger.”

The help I need from you is, I have the eBooks at $2.99 and the print books are priced as low as I can too. If you can, please buy one and let me know what you think. Did they give you hope you can heal too? Inspire you to help someone else? Encourage you to feed your spiritual connection to God again? Did they help you see the Salem Witchcraft Trials in a different way?

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