Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Fox lies about election costs them hundreds of millions, but what about everything else?

Dominion-Fox News live updates: Settlement reached for $787.5 million

ABC News
By Aaron Katersky and Olivia Rubin
April 18, 2023
Dominion Voting Systems, in a $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit, accused Fox News of knowingly pushing false conspiracy theories that the voting machine company rigged the 2020 presidential election in Joe Biden's favor, in what Dominion claims was an effort to combat concerns over declining ratings and viewer retention. Fox defended its coverage, dismissing the suit as a "political crusade in search of a financial windfall."

"Fox has admitted to telling lies about Dominion," Dominion Voting Systems CEO John Poulos said outside the courthouse following the announcement of a settlement. It was not immediately clear where this admission took place, beyond Fox's statement that "We acknowledge the Court's rulings finding certain claims about Dominion to be false" -- or whether Fox News had agreed to a more formal acknowledgement in a public way.
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That was the news on one of the biggest crimes in recent history. FOX was supposed to be a news station with journalists. At least that was what their viewers thought. They defended them, no matter what they said. It didn't matter if it cost them relationships with families and friends because they thought they we right. 

And now, FOX settled before the trial that would cause all the liars to admit what they did in court. At the last minute, FOX agreed to pay $787 million dollars for lying about Dominion. What about everything else?

What about the people who voted for President Biden? What did this do to the rightfully elected President, Joe Biden? What about the House and Senate members that refused to hold anyone accountable for anything that was done, not just to Biden, but to all the voters? What about the election workers that were threatened? What about all the people so filled with rage after being lied to, stormed the US Capitol, and ended up in jail, facing trial, or losing everything they had?

What about the House, Senate, and local government members, not just supporting the lies but doing all they can to remove the right of the people to vote the way they want to?

So fine, FOX has to pay hundreds of millions of dollars for lying when they knew what the truth was. The question is, what happens to them after all the harm they have done to everyone else?

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