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Thursday, July 11, 2019

21 Flags meant to honor veterans burnt at funeral home

A funeral home says 21 US flags honoring veterans on July 4th were set on fire

By Paul P. Murphy
July 10, 2019

(CNN)Twenty-one American flags were found burned at a cemetery in Anderson, South Carolina, according to the funeral home that runs it.

Owner Jess McDougald says his family has never seen anything like it in McDougald Funeral Home's 85 years of operation.

The funeral home has been run by the same family for three generations, since McDougald's grandfather started it, and he says they put out American flags during patriotic holidays.

The remains of the flags were found in a pile, the funeral home says.

"We've put flags out for as long as I can remember," McDougald said. "We've never had a problem." The flags lined the road to the veterans section of the cemetery on the evening of July 3: about 30 of them, 4 feet by 6 feet in size, fixed to 8-foot poles.

But when cemetery staff arrived for work July 5, they found poles in a pile with the burnt remains of 21 flags.
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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Disabled workers may be forced to fold last flag

Dozens of disabled workers face layoffs after Huntsville flag manufacturer’s federal contract ends

WAFF 48 News
By McKinley Strother
June 28, 2019

“We’re for employment of all persons. We want to make sure people with a disability have a seat at the table.” Wes Tyler
HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - A federal court ruling ends a 25-year flag contract for a Huntsville-based company. The court upheld the U.S. Veteran Administration’s Rule of Two, meaning that veteran-owned companies will be given priority over AbilityOne nonprofits as bids are awarded.

Phoenix in south Huntsville has been producing interment flags for Veterans Administration since 1994. The company primarily employs disabled or veteran flag-makers.
“The contract was cancelled and the final shipment will be made in about 10 days," said Wes Tyler, Phoenix’s VP of Manufacturing and Business Development.

The AbilityOne Program has its beginnings in a 1938 law that allows nonprofits to be awarded certain federal contracts as long as they meet quality and pricing requirements, and 75 percent of the employees are people with disabilities. Through its AbilityOne contracts, Phoenix employs 791 people, 75 of which are veterans.

Nearly two dozen people work on Phoenix’s contract with the VA to manufacture interment flags, 95 percent of whom have a significant disability. Phoenix has produced more than 2.1 million flags since beginning the contract.

“People have come and gone but we still have a lot of folks like myself that have been here 24 years," said Wanda Duboise.

Duboise is worried about her professional and financial future. “I’m still trying to be optimistic that someway or another it can turn around for us," said Duboise.
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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Church, beer and patriotism?

Castle Church Brewing Flag Dedicated

Combat PTSD Wounded Times
Kathie Costos
February 7, 2019

On Monday, Castle Church Brewing had a ceremony to dedicate the flag that will hang on the wall everyday as a reminder of the price paid by those who provided the freedoms we have.

(Sorry for the delay in getting this up, but I have been dealing with my back since Monday night and spent most of the time in bed. Cannot edit from bed no matter how hard I would try.)

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Family of Argo Buchanan, Flag has been found


Found burial flag reunited with family of fallen WWII veteran

Veteran discovers military burial flag, now is searching for rightful owners

Jessica Taylor
January 13, 2019

HOMEDALE, Idaho — One veteran's cleanup project in Nampa led to another's missing treasure.
While cleaning out a home in Nampa, veteran David Slawson Sr. found a military burial flag. 

All he had was the name of the owner, Mr. Argo Buchanan, but he says he knew immediately how special the flag was.
If you know any family members connected to this flag, please email us ( or reach out to us on our Facebook page.
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Friday, October 12, 2018

Veterans in other news on October 12, 2018

Disabled Army veteran rescues flag being run over by cars

By Holly Stouffer, Reporter
October 11, 2018
TEMPLE, TX (KXXV) - Chris Ellenburg was driving home from work on FM 1237 Monday afternoon when something in the road caught his eye. "I honestly could not believe it," Ellenburg said. "I figured it was normal trash, but as soon as I saw the flag open up as it flipped over into my lane, I knew." Ellenburg was heated. He immediately pulled over and hopped out of his truck to rescue the tattered flag that was being run over by other drivers.

"You're dang right I stopped traffic," Ellenburg said. "And there were still disrespectful people driving by as I had this flag, picking it up off the ground in the middle of a freaking road." He said some drivers even honked at him to get out of the way. As a disabled Army veteran, Ellenburg was trained to leave no man behind. He sees his fellow soldiers each time he looks at the flag. read more here

Veteran's family fights to bring long lost sister from Vietnam to NC

WECT news October 12, 2018 WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - In the wake of Hurricane Florence, a lot of us know what it’s like to feel displaced.
Anne Puangprasert, Wayne Lipford and Kumaune (WECT)
Anne Puangprasert has known that feeling her whole life, having overcome abuse, loss, and even a falsified death. Anne is the daughter of a Vietnam veteran who moved to Wilmington after the war, and her family is now trying desperately to bring her home. Pete Lipford met his sister Anne for the first time last year. He is 45. She is 48. Pete knew he had a sister, but thought, as did his father, Wayne, that she had died decades ago. read more here

Army nurse recounts her service in Vietnam, impact on her life

Jennifer Horbelt, Mike Spissinger
WPSD Local 6 news
October 11, 2018

PADUCAH — The Wall That Heals is coming to Paducah from Oct. 25 to 28. There are more than 58,000 names on this traveling replica Vietnam Memorial. They are the men and women who never came home.

Marj Graves stands at the nurse’s station in the 24th Evacuation Hospital at Long Binh during her tenure in Vietnam.
Those who did very likely were cared for by army nurses like Marj Graves. When the chance to help soldiers in Vietnam presented itself, she didn’t hesitate to go, but she saw and experienced things that cut deep and nearly took her life. She has spent decades learning to care for herself as much as she cares for others. “We may not have carried a gun, we may not have been on the front lines of combat, but some of the things that we saw and that we experienced were horrific. Horrific,” Marj said. From the time Marj was old enough to play with dolls, she knew she wanted to be a nurse. “I never wanted to be anything else but a nurse,” Marj said. read more here

Son of dead Quincy veteran attacks Rauner in new Pritzker ad

WGN 9 News
Octobr 11, 2018
CHICAGO — Hours before the final gubernatorial debate in Quincy, the J.B. Pritzker campaign launched a blistering new attack ad featuring the son of a veteran who died after contracting Legionnaire’s disease at the Illinois Veterans Home. Eugene Miller is one of 14 residents of the Quincy home to die during the Legionnaires’ outbreaks since 2015. His son, Tim Miller, appeared in the television commercial titled “Heroes.”

“Gov. Rauner was more interested in protecting his image than he was the heroes who protected our country,” Tim Miller says to the camera. As Miller describes visiting his dying father in the hospital, the spot cuts to a graphic on screen that reads, “For six days the state of Illinois knew of a Legionnaires’ disease outbreak and said nothing.” read more here

Widow of Army veteran receives home makeover thanks to Home Depot and HomeStrong USA

Fontana Herald News
October 11, 2018
The widow of a U.S. Army veteran received a very special home makeover in Bloomington on Oct. 4. The Home Depot Foundation partnered with HomeStrong USA to transform the home of Maria Rowe, the widow of George Rowe, who served more than nine years in the Vietnam War.

Originally tasked with renovating the Rowes' bathroom, the Home Depot Foundation increased its support to cover renovations needed throughout the home after Maria Rowe unexpectedly lost her husband last year. More than 90 members of Team Depot, the Home Depot's associate-led volunteer force, completed the work on their day off. read more here

Family reunited with missing soldier's remains, visits lab that identified him

Sarah Fili
October 11, 2018

OFFUTT AIR FORCE BASE, Neb. — An American hero is home. Army Sgt. Melvin Anderson was killed in World War II and was listed as "missing in action. His remains were recently identified in Nebraska. Thursday, his family got to see the lab that reunited them. “He’s just been a part of our family. And even though he’s been missing for that long we've always had hope we would find him,” Maureen Herzberg, Anderson's niece, said. Anderson died fighting in Germany in 1944. He was buried in an American cemetery overseas but was never identified. That changed when his skeleton was exhumed and sent to the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency laboratory at Offutt. read more here

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Video NFL Protestors Will Not Like You To See

They say that they are not disrespecting the flag when they take a knee during the National Anthem.

They say they are not disrespecting the troops when they use their rights, obtained and retained, by those who risk their lives for this country.

NFL players say a lot of things, but just because they say it, that does not mean it is true.

The National Anthem was written after the War of 1812, so it is about the flag and those who risked their lives.

If you are in any doubt what the flag means to those who serve this country, this is a video the NFL protestors will not want you to see!


Taylor, Michigan was experiencing a pounding summer storm. Gail-force winds and rain hammered homes and businesses thought the city. A local gun range and community landmark, Top Gun Shooting Sports, was hit particularly hard. The patriotic shop saw structural damage from the storm and also lost one of their most notable features: A flagpole out front.

Security footage shows the flagpole getting bent and eventually ripped down by the winds and rain tearing down the street. Luckily, Top Gun was playing host to ‘Patriot Week’ during the storm. Top Gun owner Michael Barbour tells The Daily Caller, “We were having our Patriot week and the Army was here doing a recruiting table along with multiple other special events. Just coincidental that they were standing by the door when the storm hit.”

Security camera footage shows the solders running out into the storm mere seconds after the American flag hit the ground. The soldiers, Sgt. Jared Ferguson of the 1st Infantry Division (the “Big Red One”) and Sgt. Eric Buckhorn of the 101st Airborne Div., pick up the flag off the wet concrete immediately and bring it inside. Further footage shows the soldiers indoors, folding the fallen flag more here 

Army Recruiters Rescue Fallen Flag In Taylor, Michigan
What players keep missing is the fact, that while they claim to have the right to do as they will, while in their football uniforms, the troops do their duties in theirs.

While football players miss the fact their job is to play football, and that is what the fans paid money to see, their fans do not disrespect the players by pulling their own stunts against them. 

Free speech is not the same as being paid to do a job and then using the people who paid to be there.

They also want to dismiss the anger from fans as something tied to POTUS but it only goes to show how little they actually know about patriotism!

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter and Iraq War veteran Tim Kennedy said NFL players have a right to protest, but during the national anthem is "not the right time."

Monday, July 23, 2018

Iraq veteran begs for flag to be returned

Tacoma veteran's American flag stolen; now a heartbreaking plea to get it back
KIRO 7 News
By: Deedee Sun
Updated: Jul 22, 2018

TACOMA, Wash. - The sign says, “Please return my flag, sentimental to me. I brought it back from Iraq. The bottom four stripes have my buddy’s blood on them.”
“This was very important to him,” said Kim Phillips, who lives in Tacoma. She said veteran Nolan Gomez was doing some yard work when someone stole his American flag.
I was actually shocked. It was his country we were in and he gave me an American flag,” Gomez said.

He’s kept it with him ever since.

And in Iraq, when a roadside bomb blew up, injuring him and his team, he reached for the flag. “I dropped to my knees and my friend is screaming,” Gomez said.

He tried to use the flag as a tourniquet. His friend – who is from Lakewood – lost his legs.
“He came back out here and committed suicide,” Gomez said. “Some horrific things that have happened, and that flag has always been there.”

Gomez also suffers from PTSD.
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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Veteran with flag forced out of Tides Condominium?

Veteran forced to sell home over display of American flag 
By: NBC News 
Posted: Jul 04, 2018 

SWEETWATER, FL (NBC News) – A Florida Air Force veteran says he was forced to sell his home over a dispute about a small American flag he placed in a flower pot. 

"One day I was thinking about the country and I put a small American flag on my front porch in a flower pot," said Larry Murphree. 

"It's a small flag," said Murphree. "It stands for a big thank you." He says the HOA at the Tides Condominium didn’t agree. "I got a violation letter that stated the American flag was an unauthorized object and for me to take it down," said Murphree. 

"They started fining me up to $1,000 because I wouldn't take the flag down."
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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Happy Birthday to US Army...and the Flag

The U.S. Army: celebrating 243 years of awesomeness 
Happy birthday, Army! 
By: Charlsy Panzino 
June 14, 2018

Go here for a great video!

And it is also Flag Day

Couple stops to respectfully fold American flag after 2 people ripped it down
CBS News
Last Updated Jun 14, 2018

A home security camera caught two people in downtown Mobile, Alabama, ripping down an American flag. But what happened next was heartwarming. A couple walking by stopped to do the respectful thing: fold the flag like true patriots.
It happened at the home of a woman named Margaret Dopson. "We've had our flag ripped down four times in three years. It's one of the reasons for the cameras," Dopson told CBS News. "It's gut-wrenching to me to see it on video. It's a quick flash of what's wrong with society -- anger, hatred and disrespect."

Fortunately, the story doesn't end with that "gut-wrenching" moment. The couple that came along afterwards turned things around. They took care to fold the flag using proper form, making small triangles until it was neatly bundled.
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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Over 500 People Placed 8,000 Flags to Honor Veterans

Veteran invites public to take a different kind of knee while placing 8,000 flags at veteran graves

Fallon Glick
November 4, 2017

“Because we claim the flag as our symbol,” Moore said. “I do feel like there is a lack of knowledge of what it means to serve."

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) –  For weeks NFL players have been taking a knee during the singing of the national anthem. It’s a form of protest for the players, but a sign of disrespect to many veterans and military members. Saturday morning one veteran invited the community out to Cave Hill Cemetery to take a different kind of knee.
It started by placing an American flag at every veteran’s grave inside the cemetery.

“We had 503 people show up at the cemetery to put out 8,000 flags,” said a Fred Moore, a Navy and Marine Corps veteran who founded Flags for Vets.  
It's done out of honor for those who have died in past wars and those who have died more recently.
“I have a great appreciation for the fact that a lot of people didn't come home,” Moore said. “And in these last few years with Iraq and Afghanistan we've added another 4,000 to the list.’
Moore invited the public to take a knee to pray and give thanks at the graves of the unknown soldiers. It's a different kind of knee seen from the National Football league.
“I'm a strong advocate of freedom of speech, but I want people to know that I have freedom of speech as well. And now that you've done this thing and you take a knee, I don't think you have the foggiest idea what veterans have sacrificed for,” Moore said.

Pro football players have been kneeling in protest during the national anthem. It's an action Moore says is disrespectful.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Culprits Caught Stealing Flags From Texas Veteran!

Squirrels steal Texas veteran's flags to build patriotic nest
By Ben Hooper
June 4, 2017

June 4 (UPI) -- A Texas veteran's heartbreak at having several U.S. flags stolen from his front yard turned to laughter when he discovered the culprit -- squirrels.

Jennifer Northam said her father, an Air Force veteran, was upset to discover several small U.S. flags had been stolen from the memorial in his San Antonio front yard.

"It wasn't like they had just fallen off," Northam told KABB-TV. "Both of us were kind of heartbroken. We were just confused because we're new to the neighborhood. We didn't know if somebody did it or what happened."
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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Veteran Acquitted For Flying Flag on Memorial Day--Yes You Read That Right

U.S. Army Veteran acquitted of illegally displaying flags at LA Veterans Affairs facility
My News LA
APRIL 18, 2017

A 75-year-old military veteran was acquitted Tuesday of illegally hanging an American flag on the fence of a Veterans Affairs facility in West Los Angeles without permission.

The federal misdemeanor count against Robert Rosebrock stems from a VA statute that prohibits the posting of materials or “placards” on a VA property except when authorized by the head of the facility.

Rosebrock was cited on Memorial Day 2016 for allegedly displaying two napkin-sized American flags on a fence adjacent to the “Great Lawn Gate” entrance to the Veterans Park. He and fellow veterans have been assembling at the site nearly every Sunday and Memorial Day for the past nine years to protest what they believe is the VA’s failure to make full use of the expansive property for the benefit and care of veterans, particularly homeless veterans.

At the conclusion of a bench trial, U.S. Magistrate Judge Steve Kim found Rosebrock not guilty of the violation, which carries a maximum six-month prison sentence. The judge concluded that no evidence was presented showing Rosebrock lacked permission to post the flags or that Rosebrock had displayed them in the first place.
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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Utah Veteran Created A Flag Out of Metal...And the Flag Tool

Military veteran making steel US flags shows his mettle
Alicia Acuna
March 29, 2017
That was more than 18 months ago. Today, his company, Iron Mountain Designs, has an 8,000-square-foot production facility in Salt Lake City, where he has a team, and an expanded business, making custom ironwork and furniture for other businesses.
Military veterans can have a tough time re-entering the workforce after serving in war. The special skills honed on the battlefield don't always translate to the civilian world.

Such was the case for retired Air Force pararescueman Josh Vandenbrink. After 14 years of service and 21 deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, his life back home came with some readjusting.

The Utah man tried multiple jobs in a variety of industries, when one day he, somewhat accidentally, launched his own business. A fellow veteran in the Salt Lake City area who owned a coffee company called Black Rifle Coffee let him set up a work room in the back of his warehouse.

The first thing he did was buy a flag.
On each flag, he puts a reminder from the past. A quote by President George Washington is engraved on a wood plaque, hidden on the back. It reads: "I hope I shall possess the firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider the most enviable of all titles. The character of an honest man."
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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Massachusetts College Removed American Flag? Seriously!

The state where the Revolutionary started raised a bunch of whiners afraid of the flag patriots died for? And the college gave into them, taking it down...can't publish the rest of what I'm thinking right now.
Veterans to Protest at College That Stopped Flying US Flags
Nov 27, 2016

Veterans are planning a protest at a western Massachusetts college facing criticism from around the country for its decision to stop flying U.S. flags after students allegedly burned a flag in protest of Donald Trump's presidential election.

Local veterans and others intend to place hundreds of U.S. flags on the streets around Hampshire College in Amherst on Sunday, as part of what organizers are calling a "peaceful demonstration of freedom."
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Hampshire College In Amherst Stops Flying All Flags
CBS News Boston
November 22, 2016
“There were a range of views on campus, including people whose experience growing up have made the flag a symbol of fear,"

A worker takes down an American flag on the campus of Hampshire College. (WBZ-TV)
AMHERST (CBS) — It’s been a week of flag-related controversy for Hampshire College, after the school’s Board of Trustees made the decision to lower the U.S. flag on campus to half-staff in the wake of the presidential election–and then decided to remove the flag entirely after a wave of backlash.

Hampshire College President Jonathan Lash told WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Ben Parker he knows it’s a controversial decision to remove the flag, but he wanted to create a dialogue among those with differing opinions about the symbol.
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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Oregon Police Officers Carry Flags to Honor Veterans

Veteran's death inspires Salem police officers
Statesman Journal
Whitney M. Woodworth
June 10, 2016

The death of a World War II veteran inspired two Salem police officers to find a new way to honor the memories and service of people who served the country.

Members of Salem Police Department fold American flags on Friday, June 3, 2016.
(Photo: Salem Police Department)
Several ceremonially folded American flags are now stocked in all Salem police fleet supervisor vehicles and will remain on-hand to be presented to the families of deceased veterans, Salem Police Lt. Dave Okada said.

A death investigation call sparked the idea. Oregon law requires police to respond to any unattended deaths, and the investigation indicated the man involved died from natural causes.

Salem Police Officer Chad Galusha, an Army veteran, and his colleague Officer Adam Waite, also a combat veteran, discovered during the course of the investigation that the deceased man served in World War II.

Galusha said Waite went out of his way to find an American flag to honor the man during his final transport.
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Salem Police Flags For Fallen Heroes

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Memorial Day, Graves Honored, Day After Flags on Ground?

Veteran angered as dozens of American flags left on the ground at Chattanooga National Cemetery
Michelle Heron
June 8, 2016

"These are veteran's flags. They flew on their graves and then to disgrace them by rolling them up and putting them on the ground, just ate my crawl," Strube said.
Dozens of American flags on the ground at the Chattanooga National Cemetery. Photo by Don Strube
Chattanooga TN

A veteran, visiting the Chattanooga National Cemetery, leaves livid after finding American flags on the ground.

It happened last Tuesday as volunteers and crews were taking down Memorial Day flags but cemetery staff say the volunteers removing the flags had the best of intentions.

Vietnam veteran Don Strube and his friend discovered dozens of American flags rolled up in piles on the ground last Tuesday.
read more here | Chattanooga News, Weather & Sports

Sunday, June 5, 2016

"Passion for Flag" on Memorial Day Cost Veteran His Job?

Former Marine fired from job for lowering flag on Memorial Day
FOX News
June 5, 2016

A former U.S. Marine said Friday he was fired from his contract job with Time Warner Cable in Charlotte after he lowered the American flag to half-staff on Memorial Day.

Allen Thornwell, 29, was thinking about his best friend, a former Marine who he said killed himself two years ago when he returned to the U.S., the Charlotte Observer reported.

The paper reported that Thornwell was fired Tuesday. The service that arranged the job for Thornwell said Time Warner told them they were disturbed by what was termed as “passion for the flag and (his) political affiliation.”

Thornwell said he remains in shock over his firing. Murphy Archibald, Thornwell’s attorney, said his client should have never lost his job.

Thornwell, who was discharged in 2014, knew the U.S. Flag Code policy which states that the banner should be half-staff until noon on Memorial Day. Thornwell said the incident happened at around 2:30 p.m. He said he wishes now he had permission.
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Sunday, January 10, 2016

New Station Helps Widow Get Burial Flag

Widow fights for burial flag for deceased veteran husband
KHOU 11 News
Alice Barr
January 8, 2016

The V.A. apologized and told KHOU 11 that Dee wasn't getting the right story. We connected her with the right person and within minutes, learned a flag was being mailed to her.
A local widow reached out to KHOU 11 News after fighting to get an American burial flag for her deceased husband who was a veteran.
(Photo: Family photo)
LA MARQUE, Texas - It's a long standing tradition that when a veteran dies, the V.A. gives their family a memorial flag.

But six months after a La Marque veteran passed away, his family is still waiting.

Ted Keeling was a fighter: for his country, serving eight years active duty in the US Army, for his family, and in the end, for his life, through a decade-long illness.

"He passed away June the 28," said his wife of 36 years, Dee Keeling-Milford.

Mr. Keeling chose to be cremated and have his ashes scattered.

"He wanted us to get a boat and take him to Port O'Connor, where he fished for 50 years, and feed the fish," said Keeling-Milford.

But there she found a new fight, with the Department of Veterans Affairs.
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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Green Beret Soldier Raises American Flag in Afghanistan

This patriotic photo of Green Berets in Afghanistan is circulating after this week’s deadly attack
Washington Post
By Dan Lamothe
January 8, 2016
This image reportedly shows a Green Beret soldier flying the American flag
in Marja, Afghanistan, this week after an American unit was attacked, killing
one U.S. soldier and wounding two others. (Obtained by The Washington Post)
It has been a difficult week in Afghanistan for U.S. troops. A team of Green Berets working alongside an Afghan military unit in the violent district of Marja was attacked on Tuesday, leading to the death of one Special Forces soldier and wounds for two more. The incident has raised questions about whether they got the support they needed from their headquarters, and renewed attention on how all or parts of places like Marja have fallen to the Taliban since U.S. troops were withdrawn last year.

In the midst of all this, the photograph above has circulated on military social media pages in the last 24 hours. It purportedly shows a Green Beret soldier flying an American flag from an improvised flag pole made out of a branch in Marja, where Army Staff Sgt. Matthew Q. McClintock was killed Tuesday. The soldier depicted climbed a ladder to do so, apparently displaying the flag for Taliban fighters and others in Marja to see outside the compound.
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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Virginia Iraq Veteran Keeps Flag Up

Iraq vet defies homeowners association, refuses to take down flag
Liz Palka
Published: June 10, 2015
Congress passed the Freedom to Display the American Flag Act in 2005. The legislation gives an individual the right to fly the American flag, despite a community’s restrictions. However, the bill does give a homeowner’s association the ability to restrict “time, place, or manner of displaying the flag.”

SUFFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — A Suffolk man refuses to take down his American flag, despite a homeowner’s association asking him to do so.

“This is something that shouldn’t be happening here in Hampton Roads,” Daniel Toner said.

Toner rents his home in Suffolk’s Belmont Park. He told 24-Hour News 8’s sister station WAVY he was aware the community had regulations regarding flags. He said he reached out to property management, Chesapeake Bay Management, Inc., to inquire about the regulations.

Toner has an email from the property manager saying he was allowed to fly a flag off his porch, if he followed guidelines. On Monday, he received another letter from the property manager.

“Then I got that letter in the mail saying that I had to take it down until they passed a resolution saying it was okay to have a flag holder on the front of your house,” Toner said.

In the letter, property manager Kimberly Katz said she misspoke in the earlier email and the flag holder resolution has not been adopted yet. She asked him to take it down until the resolution was officially adopted. Katz said a resolution is expected to be adopted in July.
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