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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Pepsi has A Night For Heroes

Pepsi sponsored event to raise funds for Bob Woodruff Foundation. The PepsiCo Foundation to Kickoff Super Bowl Weekend with $1 Million Donation to BWF "

"Seven years ago a movement was started helping post 9-11 injured service members returning home from combat. We're proud to say that over these seven years, we've invested over $20 million dollars in programs that have reached over 1 million heroes in need."

Jon Stewart "Welcome to Super Bowl weekend in New York City. Here's whats special about tonight. With all the people we have in town for the Super Bowl, pro-ball football players, super stars , film and television stars, whats special about tonight is with all those people here, the real heroes of the night are sitting up in front. Let's give a round of applauds to the men and women serving in fighting forces."

Ret. Admiral Mike Mullen "A thousand a day come home. We're hiring 100 a day."

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