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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Veterans Memorial in Clinton OH, a tribute to all who have served

Veterans Memorial in Clinton, a tribute to all who have served
By Ann Kagarise
The Suburbanite
Sat May 09, 2009, 05:08 PM EDT

Clinton, Ohio -
“We didn’t get the red carpet treatment when we came home,” Vietnam veteran, John Maurer, said.

The Canal Fulton resident served in the Marine Corp, delivering top secret documents.

“This is personal,” he said as he stared at the newly resurrected Vietnam Memorial Wall in Clinton.

“It’s about time to pay tribute to those who didn’t get to come home.”

Three-thousand-ninety-five Ohioans died in Vietnam.

“Ohio is either the third or fourth largest state to have lost casualties in Vietnam,” said builder Ken Noon from Summit Memorial.

Noon, a veteran, gave the lowest bid for the job and designed the layout.

“Other companies estimated the project,” he said. “I took the time to map it out. My wife put all the names in alphabetical order so I could be exact in how big the wall would be.”

The wall is 125 feet long, using 50 panels 30 inches wide and six feet tall. Each weighs a ton are eight inches thick.

This is the largest veteran monument in Ohio. The back of the wall depicts the history, cause and number of soldiers from Ohio who fought in each war, beginning with The War of 1812.

“This is actually a veteran’s park to honor all who served,” Noon said.

There will be 16 other momunents, one for each branch of service, canine units, Operation Baby Lift and D-Day.

A collage of local heroes will be set on a Heroes of Ohio Memorial wall for all those who served in some capacity since Vietnam.
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Veterans Memorial in Clinton