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Sunday, May 31, 2020

Afghanistan veteran captured woman being beaten in street on video

Video shows woman attacked outside Rochester business

WHAM 13 News
May 31, 2020

Painter, who says he is a veteran of the War in Afghanistan, says it was one of the worst things he’s ever witnessed. He said he stopped recording abruptly because some of the people who attacked the woman in the video started running toward him.

(WHAM) - Disturbing video recorded by a person in Rochester shows a group of people attacking a woman outside a business amid widespread looting and rioting in downtown Rochester Saturday evening.
In the video, a woman pleads with the people smashing the exterior of Rochester Fire Equipment Company on Marshall Street to stop. The woman yelled at the group of people, who were apparently trying to loot the jewelry store next door.

Several of the people then turn on the woman and begin attacking her, hitting and kicking her, and then used boards to hit her.
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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Disabled homeless veteran beaten by teens in Ohio

Teens attack two homeless men with bats, rocks outside Wooster church

FOX 8 Cleveland
JULY 26, 2019

“They’re both vulnerable, they have some disability, one guys a veteran,” said Pastor Franklin, who’s friends with the victims, “And they didn’t fight back at all."

WOOSTER, Ohio-- The Wooster Police Department is working to identify three teens who attacked two men sleeping on the steps of a church.

Officers were called to Trinity Church on East North Street just before 3 a.m. on Wednesday.

The victims said three teens, between the ages of 14 and 15, threw rocks at them, then took turns hitting them with bats. The men suffered cuts and scrapes. One was taken to the Wooster Community Hospital Emergency Room.

The men were sound asleep on the steps to get out of the elements.

“They’re both vulnerable, they have some disability, one guys a veteran,” said Pastor Franklin, who’s friends with the victims, “And they didn’t fight back at all."

Pastor Kevan Franklin says, every morning the church serves a free hot breakfast, where they also connect those in need with the proper resources and community services.
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Friday, June 9, 2017

85 Year Old Veteran Died After Robbery and Beating!

Carson veteran, 85, dies after beating in robbery, weeklong coma
Eyewitness ABC 7 News
June 08, 2017

CARSON, Calif. (KABC) -- An 85-year-old veteran from Carson who was viciously beaten in a robbery last week as he was walking in his own neighborhood died from his injuries Wednesday, sheriff's deputies said.

Frank Hernandez was walking in his neighborhood near the corner of 220th and Dolores streets last week when he was punched in the face and robbed.

The attack left him in a coma with head trauma for more than a week before he succumbed to his injuries Wednesday at 4:27 p.m., the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said.

Investigators are still searching for the suspect.
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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Good Samaritans have come to Chris Marquez's aid

Good Samaritan donates $5,000 to Iraq War vet brutally attacked at DC McDonald's 
FOX 5 News
Lauren DeMarco 
February 19, 2016

A Marine veteran is still recovering after he was assaulted at a Washington D.C. McDonald’s last week while he was leaving the restaurant. His injuries were so severe, he ended up in the hospital. In the meantime, several Good Samaritans have come to Chris Marquez's aid after the brutal attack. read more here

Friday, October 23, 2015

Vietnam Veteran Beaten By Speeding Driver in Subdivsion

ABC News 7
Stacey Baca
October 23, 2015

PALOS HILL, Ill. (WLS) -- Richard Jones was an Army sergeant in the Vietnam War and a Chicago cop who patrolled the Englewood neighborhood.

But now, he's a senior citizen living in suburban Palos Hills who was left with two black eyes, broken nose and bruises after he said he simply asked a speeding driver to slow down.

Last week, he and his wife were driving into their subdivision when a car sped past them - far exceeding the 10 mph speed limit. He approached the driver.

"I said, 'Hey, the speed limit in here is 10 mph," said Jones, 66, said. "There are children who play by the entrance of that courtyard."

Words were exchanged and then Jones said he was attacked.
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Sunday, July 27, 2014

WWII Veteran attacked at Oklahoma Veterans Center

Oklahoma veteran attacked in Claremore Center
KFOR News 4
JULY 25, 2014

CLAREMORE, Okla. – There are more than 300,000 veterans in Oklahoma, and seven state-run facilities for those vets in their golden years.

The family of one veteran recently contacted NewsChannel 4 after a horrific situation at the vet center in Claremore, Oklahoma.

Seaman First Class Richard Morrison enlisted in the Navy when he was just 15 years old.

He fought World War II in the Pacific and today fights a different battle; dementia.

His family noticed about a year and a half ago that he was showing signs of Alzheimer’s and needed help.

Morrison’s family tried live-in nursing care for almost two years.

They eventually decided his best option was the Claremore Veterans’ Center.

He had been here just five weeks when he was attacked by another resident in the dementia wing.
Richard Morrison’s case is just the latest in a string of complaints out of the Claremore Veterans’ Center in recent years. In fact, conditions were so bad at Claremore a few years ago the state legislature asked the State Health Department to step in. The state now conducts regular, unannounced visits to all the vet centers around the state.
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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

New York Transit Cop Arrested for Beating Iraq Veteran

Transit Cop Arrested After Allegedly Throwing Punch That Put War Veteran in Hospital
NBC New York
By Chris Glorioso
Wednesday, July 16, 2014

An Iraq War veteran from New York City who landed in the hospital after an assault during a backyard party is calling for his alleged assailant to be fired from his police officer job at Amtrak.

The officer, William Gonzalez, was arrested July 5 and charged with aggravated assault after he allegedly knocked out Guillermo Balseca during a housewarming party on the deck of Gonzalez's Linden Avenue home in Woodbridge, New Jersey, police say.

Balseca, from the Woodhaven section of Queens, suffered bleeding and contusions around his brain after the fight with Gonzalez. Balseca says he and others attending the housewarming party had been drinking alcohol, but insists there is no excuse for the level of violence that resulted in his brain injuries, now manifesting in constant short-term memory loss and reduced mobility of his left foot.

"I'm very angry," he said.

Balseca's fiance, Charlene Charriez, who was also at the party, said Gonzalez continued to attack Balseca after he was already unconscious.

"He could not breathe. He was making no signs of life," she said.
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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Teenagers arrested after Iraq veteran was beaten

Dutrow, who is now recovering at home in Leesburg, has 17 stitches in his forehead and an orbital fracture behind his eye, according to report from WTTG.

“I have an orbital fracture behind my eye,” Dutrow said. “It’s pretty much behind where these stitches are.”

His wife, Kasey, said that she always feared getting “the phone call,” while her husband served in Iraq. She never imaged she would get “the call” while they were on vacation.

“It’s just so vicious what they did. I just keep thinking of him lying in the street and somebody’s stomping and kicking his head. It seems to me they were trying to kill him,” Kasey Dutrow said. “I was driving to the hospital thinking I was going to be a widow. He was lying there with a breathing tube and a brace around his neck.”
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Iraq War veteran from Leesburg attacked at Virginia Beach; 2 juveniles arrested
FOX 5 News
By Bob Barnard, Reporter
Posted: Jul 09, 2014

Police in Virginia Beach have arrested two juveniles and charged them in the savage beating of Iraq War veteran Sean Dutrow over the 4th of July weekend.

Dutrow is now recovering at home in Leesburg.

"I have an orbital fracture behind my eye," Dutrow told us from a park bench near his home Wednesday.

"It's pretty much behind where these stitches are."

He has 17 stitches in his forehead.

"I guess they just went straight for the head because the rest of me is fine,” he says.

Dutrow was on vacation with his wife Kasey, their 5-month-old daughter Sophie and some friends. He was attacked early Sunday morning leaving a beachside bar with a friend who had deployed to Iraq with him.

"He got ahead of me and it was about the time the bar was closing down," Sean says, "and when he turned around, I wasn't anywhere to be seen, so he came back and turned the corner and that's when he saw me on the ground and there were people all around me."
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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Fort Hood Soldier in Intensive Care after beating in Washington

Soldier in intensive care after attack outside restaurant
By Monique Ming Laven
May 29, 2014

TACOMA, Wash. — "He doesn't look like my son right now," said Lisa Senecal while in tears from her son's bedside. Specialist Korry McClanahan, 25, is motionless in bed, his head wrapped in gauze. Until late Friday night, he spent almost every day working out. Now his family doesn't know if he'll ever move again.

McClanahan got to Joint Base Lewis-McChord from Fort Hood, Texas, a few weeks ago. On Friday he and another soldier went to Steel Creek American Whiskey Co. in downtown Tacoma to play pool. At about midnight they went outside to smoke.

The other soldier says a group of six men, speaking in Russian, approached them and started picking a fight. The soldier says he and McClanahan wanted no part of it and tried to walk away.

The group followed and "bum rushed" them. He says McClanahan was punched in the face. He was knocked out. When he fell, his head slammed into the ground.

The soldier says the men piled into a black Infiniti G35, model year 2005 or 2006. They sped off. He called 911. And McClanahan has not spoken since.

"They don't know what the long term affect is going to be," said his mother. She says her son has not responded to any commands. He has opened his eyes but does not seem to comprehend or react to anything.
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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Marine deserter accused of murder and beating another woman

Marine deserter's motive for Ore. attacks remains a mystery
The Associated Press
March 3, 2014

PENDLETON, ORE. — Although he talked freely about how he committed the crimes, it’s still unclear why a Marine deserter from California fatally stabbed an Eastern Oregon motel maid and beat another woman with a metal pipe, an investigator says.

Lukah Chang pleaded guilty in January and has been sentenced to life in prison for the two attacks that unnerved Pendleton.

In an extensive story that also reported on an interview with Chang’s sister, the East Oregonian described law enforcement authorities as still puzzled about Chang’s motive.

“I don’t think even he can answer that,” said Police Chief Stuart Roberts. “If he could, he would have.”

In July 2012, Chang got on a bus and left the Marine Corps at Camp Pendleton in Southern California. He arrived at Pendleton in Eastern Oregon in August.
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