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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Gettysburg Rocks Cursed?

Steal a rock from Gettysburg and risk the curse
The Washington Post
By Linda Wheeler
Published: July 10, 2016

South Mountain rises in the distance behind the Gettysburg Monument on the Gettysburg Battlefield , which contains broad fields where Union and Confederate troops clashed during one of the most critical turning points in the Civil War.
National Civil War parks usually don't discuss theft from battlefields for fear it will encourage more of the same. However, the most recent post on the blog of the Gettysburg National Military Park has changed that by publicizing the theft of rocks because those illegal souvenirs may be cursed.

The boxes of rocks have shown up in the mail for many years according to a park official. The blog says the packages are usually addressed just to the park without any department or person noted. There is rarely a return address. Sometimes a note is enclosed.

Two of those notes were included in the blog, both of them claiming lives had been ruined because of a long-ago visit to Gettysburg and what was then considered an innocent picking up of a stone or two.

Two months ago, an unnamed man returned three small stones that he and his wife had picked up 10 or 11 years ago.
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