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Thursday, April 25, 2019

HOA lost to Vietnam veteran and his patriotic van after neighbors stood up!

Vietnam veteran wins dispute with Henderson HOA over patriotic van

NBC 3 News Las Vegas
by Kelsey Thomas
April 24th 2019
“Being a veteran and serving other veterans should not be offensive.” Donna Lee
The HOA told Johnson to remove the van from his driveway or have it towed and face fines.
(sorry wrong video attached to the report so just the picture on this one. KC)

“I was wondering if we had someone that was unpatriotic (in my neighborhood)?", said Johnson.

The Vietnam veteran fought back.

Now, he’s claiming victory and it’s partly thanks to the support of his neighbors after a story on News 3.

Johnson said his fight is finally over.

The homeowners association in Palm Hills backed down from its order to remove the van from his driveway.

“It’s just a vehicle to transport honor guard to and from the cemetery,” said Johnson.

“To let them know, and their family, they’ll never be forgotten,” he continued.
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Parents of Marine sued over sign of support from association


Corey Burr is a Marine fighting in Afghanistan. Corey’s parents, Timothy and Jodi Burr, are also involved in a fight back home in Louisiana. Mom and dad are battling the neighborhood association over this sign posted in their front yard.

Shortly after L Cpl Burr was deployed to Afghanistan last winter, his parents posted the above sign in their front yard of their home in The Gardens subdivision of South Bossier, LA. Almost immediately the neighborhood association delivered a letter telling the Burr’s that they were in violation of a local rule stating “no signs of any kind shall be displayed to the public view.” (Real Estate signs are excluded but also carry a 2×2 size restriction.) Instead of removing the banner, Timothy and Jodi requested an exception be made to the rule. They wanted to keep the sign on display until their son comes home. (Corey is slated to return in March of 2012)

In February, the Burr’s started sending formal requests to the head of the association, but those letters went unanswered until the media got involved. Jodi and her husband even sent requests for a meeting with the homeowners association via certified mail, but those letters went “unclaimed.”
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Marine parents sued over sign

Friday, July 1, 2011

Vietnam Vet wins right to fly flag

Fourth of July Victory: Vet Can Fly Flag

July 1, 2011
An embattled U.S. Army vet in Macedonia, Ohio, has won the right to fly Old Glory from his home's flagpole.

Fred Quigley, 77, who lives in the Villas at Taramina, served with honor as a U.S. Army chaplain in Korea and in Vietnam. He has had bullets nip his ear, he says, and has had enemy rockets (duds, luckily) land right at his feet.

But the kind of fire he had to endure from his local homeowner association over his right to fly his U.S. flag, he says, was unlike any he'd had to face before. "I'm in emotional distress," he said. "My eyes are watering."

Now that fight is over. The association has decided to stand down and to let Quigley run Old Glory up his pole. Its decision came in the form of a letter hand-delivered to Quigley Thursday night.
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Vet Can Fly Flag

Original report
Vietnam Vet called rouge homeowner for flying flag

Friday, June 24, 2011

Vietnam Vet called "rouge homeowner" for flying his flag

Vietnam vet threatened with legal action for flying Stars and Stripes outside his home
Last updated at 9:30 PM on 23rd June 2011

A 77-year-old Army veteran is being threatened with legal action for flying the American flag in his front yard.

Fred Quigley, of Macedonia, Ohio, a retired Army chaplain and minister who served active duty during the Vietnam War, has been told his flag violates his homeowners association's rules on flagpoles.

As an alternative, the association offered to place the flag at the entrance of the development, but Mr Quigley refused.

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