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Monday, July 1, 2019

Florida police officer proved what good Cops do...and bad guys do to them

To anyone who wants to think that all Police Officers are the bad guys...this proves why they should always have their cameras on. Watch what this guy does to the officer...including trying to grab his gun and then dragging him off the road.

Video shows Florida police officer being dragged by car during traffic stop

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Wounded Police Officer Saved Life

‘Marc Hanly saved my life’ says friend of Norwood shooter
Delaware County Daily Times
Rose Quinn
POSTED: 09/07/15

For Corey Clark, it’s anybody’s guess what his friend Darrel Burt was thinking when he barricaded himself inside his Norwood apartment with two bottles of wine, two loaded .45-caliber handguns and an apparent broken heart.

Thursday night, the 25-year-old Darby Township man wasn’t interested in guessing games. Instead, he mainly wanted to express his heartfelt thanks to Ridley Park Police Officer Marc Hanly, whom he said “saved my life” when the bullets started flying in the hallway of the Mohawk Manor Apartments early on Aug. 30.

“It’s all been weighing heavy on me,” Clark said. He was referring to a dizzying confluence of events that left Hanly with non-life-threatening gunshot wounds in the chest and leg, and Burt, who’d been shot in the shoulder, behind bars at the county prison on four counts of attempted first-degree murder and related criminal charges.

A bartender, Clark downed a few beers after the late shift as he looked back on the life-altering ordeal, offering the vantage point as both good friend and near-victim of the accused gunman.

“Everyone in this situation is a victim. There’s no aggressor,” said Clark. “I wish we could just turn the clock back on this whole situation.”

Clark, who grew up in Prospect Park and graduated from The Christian Academy in Brookhaven in 2008, said he hasn’t been sleeping well since the incident.

A rough patch

All Clark knew as he drove from his Poplar Street row home in Briarcliffe to the apartment complex in the 600 block of Mohawk Avenue that night was Burt was in trouble — perhaps even suicidal, based on a pair of text messages he received from Burt, at 12:28 a.m. and again at 12:32 a.m.

“I’m freaking out in my mind and I’m calling him the whole way over,” Clark said of the about five-minute, 2.2-mile drive. “I called six or seven times. Darrel never answered.”

Clark said he was aware Burt, 36, apparently suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder after his stint in the U.S. Army, but his behavior that morning was nothing like Clark had ever seen in the two years they had been friends.
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Friday, October 31, 2014

PTSD On Trial: Decorated Marine Iraq Veteran

Suspect who shot Athens cop is decorated Iraq war combat vet with PTSD
Online Athens
October 30, 2014

A former U.S. Marine who shot and wounded an Athens-Clarke County police officer three months ago is a decorated combat veteran of the Iraq war whose post traumatic stress syndrome may have played a role in the altercation, according to a motion recently filed in Clarke County Superior Court.

Police said that on Aug. 31 James Michael Marcantonio shot the officer with his own holstered handgun during a struggle that began when the officer responded to a disturbance involving Marcantonio and a former girlfriend.

Defense attorney Edward Tolley argues in the motion that it was “evident” from an examination of the shooting by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation that Marcantonio “did not (intend) to harm the officer; the gun discharged during a struggle and when it went off, the struggle ended.”

Athens-Clarke County police said Marcantonio grabbed the officer’s weapon and “manipulated” it in the holster when he fired a shot that wounded the officer in the area of his hip and thigh. He was arrested at the scene and charged with aggravated assault and aggravated battery on a police officer.
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Friday, October 24, 2014

Queens Police Officers Attacked by Terrorist with Hatchet

'Rookie cops' recovering after hatchet attack
By Shimon Prokupecz and Kevin Conlon
October 24, 2014

There's no indication the attack is tied to radical Islam, official says
Officials: New York police told to be on alert "against random attacks"
A man rushed four police officers in Queens, New York, police commissioner says
Two were hit; the two who weren't shot at the attacker, who was killed, commissioner says

New York (CNN) -- A New York City police officer remains in critical condition at a Queens hospital Friday, one day after suffering a hatchet wound to the head.

Officer Kenneth Healey and three on-duty colleagues were posing for a picture on the sidewalk Thursday afternoon when a hatchet-wielding man charged at them "unprovoked," according Police Commissioner Bill Bratton.

The suspect, identified as Zale H. Thompson, was hiding behind a bus shelter as if he was waiting to attack the officers, according to a law enforcement official, who said it almost appeared as if he were stalking them.

Healey, 28, was struck in the back of the head. Officer Joseph Meeker, 24, was struck in the arm. The remaining two officers fired at Thompson, killing him.

In the chaos, one of the officer's bullets struck a nearby pedestrian in her lower back. Bratton said she was recovering in surgery Thursday evening.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio praised the officers' swift response. "Here are four rookie cops, just starting out in their career, when the absolute unexpected happened," de Blasio said at a Thursday press conference. "They responded exactly as their training dictated and ended the situation -- thank God -- very, very quickly. "
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Thursday, October 9, 2014


By Eric Horng and Paul Meincke
Wednesday, October 08, 2014

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A six-hour standoff in the 7200-block of South Lowe Avenue left Captain Ed Kulbida wounded, one suspect dead and one suspect in custody.

The standoff ended just before midnight. Police found one person dead and apprehended another suspect upon entering the apartment building.

"They used a flash bang and there was still no response. At that point it was time to make entry. They did it in a progressive fashion. I was listening to it the whole time. They did it perfectly. They did a really outstanding job," Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy said.

Police have not said how the standoff ended or how one suspect, Daniel Jackson, 42, died. Daniel Brown, 42, the other suspect involved in the standoff, has also not been charged.

The standoff began around 6 p.m. Tuesday when Chicago police and U.S. marshals were serving a murder warrant for Brown in the city's Englewood neighborhood.
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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Father of Orlando police officer who was shot speaks out

Father of Orlando police officer who was shot speaks out
Author: Evan Lambert, Reporter
Published On: Jul 24 2013

As the father of a police officer, Michael Hajek says he always expects an untimely knock at the door with bad news, but hopes it never comes. Tuesday it did.

"As a parent, spouse, family member of a law enforcement member you know what that call means," Michael Hajek said.

His 24-year-old son Jason Hajek, who had just recently completed his rookie training in the Orlando Police Department, had been shot during a routine traffic stop. Police say the bullet, rattled off by 23-year-old Demetrius Patterson, struck just below his vest--piercing his bladder and exiting through his hip.
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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Officer wounded in temple shooting was a Marine

Officer wounded in temple shooting a skilled veteran
By Meg Jones of the Journal Sentinel

Unable to speak, Oak Creek police Lt. Brian Murphy held up his hand for Chief John Edwards to hold.

He mouthed one word: "Sorry."

Oak Creek Police Department 
Oak Creek Police Lt. Brian Murphy, who was wounded in the Sikh Temple shooting.
Edwards visited Murphy on Monday night at Froedtert Hospital - a day after the 21-year Oak Creek police veteran was shot numerous times while responding to the massacre at the Sikh temple in Oak Creek.

"He was stable. He was alert. He acknowledged me. He smiled, brought up his hand, (he) wanted me to grab his hand. Kind of mouthed to me he was sorry," said an emotional Edwards.

After taking a few moments to compose himself, Edwards said in an interview Tuesday at the Oak Creek police station, "It's been a long couple days."

Murphy, 51, sped to the temple Sunday morning after people inside called 911 to report hear ing gunshots. Before Murphy could get inside the temple, Wade Michael Page, 40, opened fire, hitting the officer eight or nine times. Another Oak Creek police officer, Sam Lenda, shot and killed Page after the assailant refused to drop his weapon and surrender.

Six people who had gone to the temple to participate in a Sunday service were slain by Page; three others were wounded in addition to Murphy.

Murphy grew up in New York City - a fact readily apparent to anyone who hears him talk. Despite more than two decades in Wisconsin, Murphy has not lost his accent.

Before he became a cop, he was a U.S. Marine deployed overseas. He was later assigned to the United Nations in New York as part of the U.N. security detail, protecting dignitaries.
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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Officers, hostage wounded in Alliance stand-off

Officers, hostage wounded in Alliance stand-off
The Nebraska State Patrol released on Wednesday the name of the armed man who wounded three law enforcement officers and a hostage, who was pronounced dead after a more than 14-hour stand-off at an Alliance pharmacy.

The suspect, identified as Andres Gonzalez, 27, of Alliance, was pronounced dead at approximately 11:30 p.m., Tuesday, June 12.

The incident began just before 9 a.m., Tuesday, when an armed male later identified as Gonzalez, walked into the Thiele Pharmacy, in the 300 block of Box Butte Avenue, downtown Alliance.

Officers with the Alliance Police Department responded to a 911 call reporting an armed man entering the building.

During the initial response, Gonzalez exchanged gunfire with an Alliance Police Officer.

Officer Kirk Felker, 43, a 15-year veteran of the Alliance Police Department, was transported to the Box Butte General Hospital where he underwent surgery for a gunshot wound to his arm.

Officer Felker remains hospitalized in stable condition. No one else was injured in the initial confrontation.

The owner of the pharmacy, Charles Lierk, 62, Alliance remained inside the building and was taken hostage by Gonzalez.
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Frederick police officer recovering from injuries in Iraq

Frederick police officer recovering from injuries in Iraq
by Erica L. Green Staff Writer

While her husband may be growing restless, Heather Preece is just settling down enough to finally rest.

Reed Preece, a Frederick Police officer serving in Iraq, is recovering nicely from injuries he suffered when his vehicle was hit by an improvised explosive device on April 12, his wife said.

"He's really bored," Heather said. "He's pushing to be cleared to get back out there. I'm just settling and trying to get back to normal."

Heather received a phone call on Easter Sunday informing her that her husband was "injured, but alive," then another call less than 24 hours that said he was "bloody, but OK."

Preece, 24, a first lieutenant in the Army National Guard, had suffered second-degree-burns to left side of body, shrapnel wounds to neck, left shoulder, and left leg. He also suffered a fractured knee and had to be treated for smoke inhalation from helping pull soldiers out of a burning vehicle.
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