Friday, May 16, 2008

Bush's Golf War on Daily Show

Reading so much about what is happening to our troops and veterans on a daily basis, is stressful, to say the least. At the end of the day, the PC gets shut off, but my mind won't. I need to de-stress. I watch the Daily Show. I usually watch the funny stuff until he is interviewing someone then change the channel if I'm just not interested in the guest and turn to the History Channel or National Geographic or the Discovery Channel. Can't help it. I am, as my daughter puts it, a geek.

Last night, Jon Stewart did a piece called Golf War about the recent comments made by Bush about giving up golf because he didn't want some soldiers Mom seeing him playing golf. Stewart took a humorous approach as always pointing out that image does mean something, then played clips of Bush acting like an idiot. I couldn't help put wish he had added in the clip of Bush looking for WMD in his office making fun of the fact they were never found in Iraq after we lost so many troops sent to find them.

Bush's Iraq WMDs joke backfires

The president could be seen bending over to peer at the floor of the Oval Office
US President George W Bush has sparked a political row by making a joke about the failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

At a black-tie dinner for journalists, Mr Bush narrated a slide show poking fun at himself and other members of his administration.

One pictured Mr Bush looking under a piece of furniture in the Oval Office, at which the president remarked: "Those weapons of mass destruction have got to be here somewhere."

After another one, showing him scouring the corner of a room, Mr Bush said: "No, no weapons over there," he said.

And as a third picture, this time showing him leaning over, appeared on the screen the president was heard to say: "Maybe under here?"

The audience at Wednesday's 60th annual dinner of the Radio and Television Correspondents' Association obviously thought the quips hilarious - there were laughs all round - but the next morning, in the cold light of day, things looked far less amusing.

The joke about the fruitless search for Iraqi WMDs so far, Washington's prime justification for the US-led invasion, has been branded as tasteless and ill-judged.

While the outrage of all of this has been causing major headaches and heartaches, I have to admit that I laughed at what Stewart put together. Then I grew even more outraged over what has happened all these years with Bush in charge. No other person placed in the highest position in this country would have gotten away with any of this and we have to be honest about this to discover why he was able to pull all of this off. The majority of the nation is pointing their fingers in the right direction and that is to the elected GOP senators and congressmen.

During many sleepless nights, I will turn to CSPAN to watch what goes on when the only cameras rolling are from CSPAN. Most of the time the speeches are boring, but often CSPAN will play videos from the past. It is how I was reminded of the speeches Cheney gave regarding Iraq following the Gulf War, along with the others who also came out predicting everything that happened in Iraq. More reminders of how we got to where we are and how the GOP didn't care at all. I've heard enough of their speeches, tempted to smash my TV set while I heard them talk nonsense. I heard their speeches about how we cannot afford to fully fund the VA or spend the money on the VA because as they claimed, they had a duty to the tax payers.

I've read their web sites in detail as they seemed to be proud of the fact they were good stewards of our money and voted against what the Democrats wanted, prevented them from putting bills up for votes and prevented them from holding hearings on what was happening with all of this. None of them wanted to get to the bottom of any of this. It took the voters to give the Democrats the power to call for hearings and investigations. It took the voters to give them the power to actually do something right for the sake of the men and women risking their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan, and then risking them again while trying to obtain treatment and compensation for their wounds.

Readers of this blog are fully aware of what the facts truly have been while they heard the simple minded claims of the elected with bumper sticker slogans instead of true support. Now we have the president actually admitting that he thought playing golf sent the wrong message to the families of the fallen. This is how he trivialized the sacrifices of their sons and daughters, their husbands and wives. We are all having a very hard time letting all of this sink in. We are forced to face the fact that no one really mattered to him at all.

Then you can add in the rest about what happened to the wounded veterans with PTSD, how they ended their own lives and many more tried to. The suffering of the families. The countless, (countless because the administration didn't care to count them) PTSD wounded denied treatment. The list goes on but Bush, well he thinks it mattered more what he looked like playing golf than what was happening to any of them.

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