Sunday, July 7, 2019

It is my birthday and I want gifts to go away

Rejoice with me

Wounded Times
Kathie Costos
July 7, 2019

Today is my birthday and I am asking for gifts to be given away.

I know it sounds strange, but since that is how I have spent most of these years, it makes perfect sense to me.

Lily Casura at Healing Combat Trauma posted a reminder on her Facebook page of something I said a long time ago.

I took the gift I was given by Dana Morgan, at Point Man International Ministries so I could keep giving away what I had to give.

So many times I wanted to quit. It got to be too much for me, spiritually draining and depressing. Even with the knowledge of how many lives have been changed, there were times when I did not see any point in continuing this work.

It was especially hard when some families asked me to put together the book The Warrior SAW (Suicides After War) because of the video I had done years before. It was based on research for the post Why isn't the press on suicide watch?

That post and video was not as hard as writing the book. Too many memories came flooding back. Nightmares were draining too.

When you do this work, taking on the pain of others, comes with the territory. It is called Secondary Traumatization but I dealt with it, the same way I did with all the other times. I talked to people I trusted, like Dana.

There were so many other times I needed help because of what I do, and I took comfort in knowing all this provider had to do was ask for help too!

Next month I am going to Buffalo for a conference and a thank you celebration for Dana, who retired as President. It is also to congratulate Paul Paul Sluznis as our new president.

Dana also helped Paul. Years ago, I was at another conference and Paul was giving his presentation. I recorded it while he was talking about having the gun to his head, but his life was saved because of Dana. Paul ended up saving others in Washington.

This is the link to part one but I want to focus on what came afterward in part two.
None of us do any of this for money, or fame, or glory. We sure do not do it for publicity. We do it because we know what pain feels like and what it is like to rejoice again!

So, for my birthday please give to the group who helped me, and so many others, receive so much from!
Point Man Intl. Ministries
14420 SE 13th st
Vancouver WA 98683

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