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Sunday, July 14, 2019

Robert Craft gave Jarheads $100,000 hugs

Robert Kraft Pledges $100,000 To Families Of Motorcyclists Killed In NH Crash

CBS News Boston
July 13. 2019
“I know you have a GoFundMe page and it said you’re looking to raise 700 (thousand dollars) and you’re somewhere near $560,000, so our family, we’re going to commit $100,000 to that,” Kraft said.
The crowd erupted in cheers.
“And if you don’t get to the 700 today, we’re making it up whatever it is,” the Patriots owner said. “We are all Patriots and you are the true Patriots.”

FOXBORO (CBS/AP) — New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft made a surprise announcement Saturday, as he pledged to donate $100,000 to the families of seven motorcyclists killed in a tragic crash in New Hampshire last month.

More than a thousand bikers came from across the country to Gillette Stadium in Foxboro to celebrate the lives of the men and women who were killed when a pickup truck and trailer crashed into a group of motorcycles in Randolph, New Hampshire on June 21. They were members or supporters of the Jarheads, a New England motorcycle club that includes Marines and their spouses.

Kraft met the group in the parking lot for the event Saturday, which raised money for the families of the victims. When he got up on stage to address the crowd, he made this surprise announcement.
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Saturday, July 6, 2019

Massachusetts was warned about Zhukovskyy before Jarheads deaths

Nearly 900 drivers suspended in wake of deadly motorcycle crash in New Hampshire

USA Today
Joey Garrison
July 5, 2019

Connecticut also mailed the Massachusetts RMV as notice, but like thousands of other out-of-state notifications, it was discarded into one of 58 mail bins in a state facility in Quincy, Massachusetts.

BOSTON — The embattled Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles has suspended an additional 330 drivers whose past violations in other states had gone unprocessed after thousands of notices piled up in mail bins inside a registry facility for the past 15 months.

The RMV's lapse in processing out-of-state suspensions was discovered in the aftermath of a horrific crash in Randolph, New Hampshire, in which Volodymyr Zhukovskyy, a 23-year-old truck driver, crossed a double-yellow line, collided with a group of bikers and killed seven motorcyclists.

In all, 876 Massachusetts drivers whose out-of-state traffic infractions had previously been overlooked have now had their licenses suspended in the two weeks since a deadly motorcycle crash in New Hampshire exposed severe deficiencies within the RMV.
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Sunday, June 30, 2019

"The thing that brings us all together is love..." at Jarheads funeral

'Tough to Lose Your Brothers': Funerals Held for Marine Motorcycle Club Bikers

The Associated Press
By Michael Casey
29 Jun 2019
"The thing that brings us all together is love, love for my Dad." Matthew Ferazzi
Members of the Jarheads Motorcycle Club and a police honor guard salute as the casket of Michael Ferazzi is loaded into a hearse outside St. Peter's Catholic Church in Plymouth, Massachusetts, Friday, June 28, 2019. Ferazzi, a motorcyclist and retired police officer, was killed in a fiery crash that claimed the lives of seven people riding with the Jarheads Motorcycle Club in New Hampshire. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

PLYMOUTH, Mass. (AP) — A motorcyclist who was among seven killed in a collision with a pickup truck last week was a family man, proud Marine and dedicated public servant, mourners said Friday at a funeral that drew about 200 people, including leather-clad bikers and law enforcement officers.

The funeral for Michael Ferazzi, 62, of Contoocook, New Hampshire, was held at a church in Plymouth, Massachusetts. The rumbling of motorcycles echoed through town as dozens of bikes made their way to the service.

Many riders were fellow members of the Jarheads Motorcycle Club, with which Ferazzi and the other six killed were riding when they died. They hugged one another as Ferazzi's flag-draped casket was carried into the church and offered a military salute alongside their bikes as the service ended with the Marine Corps hymn on bagpipes.

"Tough to lose your brothers, especially so many at one time," said Jarheads member Paul Downey as he and his fellow bikers got on their motorcycles for the ride to the Massachusetts National Cemetery in Bourne.

"He had a lot more life in him," said retired Lt. Col. Joe Murray. Ferazzi was in his American Legion post, he said, and the two marched in parades together.

"He didn't need to die when he was obviously enjoying the ride with his buddies," Murray said. "But it's good he died doing something he loved."
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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

If you want to help the Jar Heads

Here is what to do if you want to help after a tragedy

Wounded Times
Kathie Costos
June 19, 2019

Right now, everyone wants to help the Jarheads after the terrible tragedy that claimed the lives of 7 of their group.

Right now they need all the support they can get, but it is more important they receive the right kind of help. 

While the shock is still fresh for them, many will experience a harder time after the funerals. Some may think it is their job to stay strong for the others, and that is OK, as long as they allow themselves time to grieve.

Let them honor what they are feeling so they can begin healing. 

If they are angry do not try to shut it down. Help them yell at the air, hit pillows, stomp their feet...let them release it.

If they want to cry, let them. Hold their hand, walk beside them or sit near them. Let them know you are there for whatever they need. Do not try to stop their tears. They will stop crying when they get out as much pain as they need to.

If they want to talk, listen to them. Do not try to fix them. They do not need to be "fixed" and you finding something to say is not what they need from you. They need your ear, your time and patience.

If you think about what you would want from them if you were in their place, that will help you know what to much as you will know what to not do, or get as close as you can.

There is no time limit to grieving other than as long as it takes them to do it. No two people are the same.

If you are a survivor, know that the guilt you may feel is "normal" but whatever you think you may have been able to do, it was not like the movie you can play out in your own mind. Most of the time, what you think you should have done, or could have done, is usually impossible. 

Do not blame yourself any more than you blame God. He did not do this, but He did send people to help comfort you as much as they can. Lean on those who care about you so you can heal. After all, you'd probably do the same for them.

Within 30 days, if you address what you are going through, your pain should ease up. Flashbacks and nightmares should begin to lose power. 

While the pain may be there for a long time, as long as it is not as strong, keep working on it.

If your pain is stronger after 30 days, contact a mental health professional so that you can work on healing with their help.

Know that if you are hit by PTSD, it hit you because your emotional core is strong. As you feel good stuff stronger, you feel pain on a deeper level. As a survivor use that strength to help you heal.

Honor your feelings so you can begin healing! Trying to "get over it" or "stuff it" lets that pain spread out like an infection.

If I can help contact me at or 407-754-5426 and it will be kept confidential.

Motorcycle club leader says resignation of RMV head over N.H. crash is ‘ridiculous’

Boston Globe
By Travis Andersen and John Hilliard Globe Staff and Globe Correspondent
June 26, 2019

The head of a motorcycle club that lost seven people in a horrific New Hampshire crash last week said Wednesday that the abrupt resignation of the Massachusetts RMV boss is a “ridiculous” response to the tragedy, allegedly caused by a West Springfield man who kept his commercial driver’s license after an impaired driving arrest last month in Connecticut.

“It’s ridiculous for someone to be allowed to resign, or forced to resign . . . [and] run away from the problem,” said Manny Ribeiro, president of Jarheads MC, which lost seven riders who were killed June 21 when a truck driven by Volodymyr Zhukovskyy, 23, allegedly plowed into them in Randolph, N.H.
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‘It was extremely horrific’: Jarheads motorcycle club president describes New Hampshire crash scene

“It was like nothing I’d ever seen — never in my life.”
By Dialynn Dwyer
June 25, 2019

A Marine who survived the deadly New Hampshire crash that killed seven motorcyclists says what he witnessed that day was worse than anything he saw in combat.

Manny Ribeiro and his wife, Valerie, were riding in the front of the group of motorcyclists with Jarheads MC, a New England-based club for Marine veterans and their spouses, when an oncoming pickup truck hauling a trailer collided with other bikers in the group on Friday evening in Randolph, New Hampshire.

“It was like nothing I’d ever seen — never in my life,” he told reporters on Monday, according to CBS Boston.

The driver of the pickup, 23-year-old Volodymyr Zhukovskyy, of West Springfield, Massachusetts, was arrested and charged Monday with seven counts of negligent homicide. Authorities have not revealed details about the potential cause of the crash, only that Zhukovskyy was traveling west on U.S. 2 while the bikers were headed east at the time.

Ribeiro, who is now serving as president of Jarheads MC, told the Associated Press that the 21 riders in the group of 15 motorcycles had just finished dinner and were on their way to a fundraiser at a nearby American Legion post.

The motorcyclist had been riding beside the club’s president, Albert Mazza Jr., 59, of Lee, New Hampshire, at the time of the crash.

“It was just an explosion … with parts and Al and everything flying through the air,” he said. “He turned hard left into us and took out pretty much everyone behind me. The truck and trailer stayed attached and that is why it was so devastating … because the trailer was attached and it was such a big trailer, it was like a whip. It just cleaned us out.”
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To contact the JarHeads go here

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Deputy Chief Steven Xiarhos standing by side of those who stood by him..Jarheads

Father of fallen Marine mourns friends killed in Route 2 crash

New Hampshire Union Leader
By Shawne K. Wickham New Hampshire Sunday News
Jun 22, 2019

“I don’t know why God does this. I don’t know. Maybe there’s a reason.” Deputy Chief Steven Xiarhos

In Steven Xiarhos’ darkest hour, after his 21-year-old son was killed in Afghanistan, a group of motorcycle riders, all Marines, came to offer comfort and support. And they’ve stood by his family for the 10 years since.
Now, after some of those Marines were killed in a horrific crash on Route 2 in Randolph, it’s Xiarhos’ turn to stand by them.

Xiarhos is deputy chief of police in Yarmouth, Mass., on Cape Cod. He’s been friends with members of the Jarheads Motorcycle Club there for a decade. News that members of the club died Friday evening hit him hard.

Those who died were “American heroes,” Xiarhos said.

“I don’t know why God does this,” he said, his voice breaking. “I don’t know. Maybe there’s a reason.”

His son, Nicholas, was 21 years old when he was killed in combat in Helmand Province in Afghanistan while going to the aid of fellow Marines.

“It was Marine bikers that came to me in my worst time in my life,” Xiarhos said.

They asked if they could hold a charity ride in his son’s honor. And Big Nick’s Ride for the Fallen has been held every year since, raising thousands of dollars for worthy causes.

In order to be a member of the Jarheads, Xiarhos said, “you have to be a combat Marine.”

Members served in different wars, he said. “Some of them are young, from this war; some are from Vietnam.”
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God did not do this!

How would you turn to God in your darkest times, if you believe He just caused them? What is the point in praying for relief if you believe God is punishing you?

All of us search for answers...and someone to blame when bad things happen, especially senseless ones.

God did send people to help after the tragedy. 

God did send people who responded and tried to render medial aid until emergency responders arrived. He also sent those responders, because He called them to take on those jobs.

He caused people from around the nation to donate and help the families.

Each of us have the ability to do harm or help someone in need. Those who choose to help, listened to what their soul called them to do.

Whatever good comes out of something bad, He is there.

One accident 7 Patriots killed in New Hampshire... mind boggling!

‘We all feel it’: Motorcyclists mourn death of 7 in crash

Associated Press
By Michael Casey and David Sharp
Posted Jun 22, 2019

RANDOLPH (AP) -- Investigators pleaded Saturday for members of the public to come forward with information that could help them determine why a pickup truck hauling a trailer collided with a group of 10 motorcycles on a rural highway, killing seven bikers.
The crash in remote northern New Hampshire involved members of Marine JarHeads MC, a motorcycle club that includes Marines and their spouses, authorities said. The tragedy sent shockwaves through New England’s communities of motorcyclists and military veterans, which often overlap.

“When something like this happens, we all feel it,” said Cat Wilson, who organizes a motorcycle charity event in Massachusetts and is a friend of some of the crash victims. “There is no tighter community than our biker community.”

Authorities identified the pickup driver as Volodoymyr Zhukovskyy, 23, an employee of a Springfield, Massachusetts, company called Westfield Transport.

Zhukovskyy survived the accident and has not been charged, authorities said, but they didn’t release details on his condition or his whereabouts. A phone listing for him couldn’t be found.
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Vets Mourn After Crash Kills 7 Marine JarHeads MC Bikers

June 23, 2019

Randolph, N.H. (AP) -- Motorcyclists and military veterans mourned Sunday as authorities sought help in determining why a pickup truck collided with a group of bikers on a rural highway, killing seven of them.

The crash in remote northern New Hampshire involved members of Marine JarHeads MC, a motorcycle club that includes Marines and their spouses. Authorities said they might begin identifying victims by name as soon as Sunday.

The tragedy left the close-knit motorcycle community in shock, with many remembering their own close calls on the road.

"Seven people. C'mon. It's senseless," said Bill Brown, a 73-year-old Vietnam War veteran and motorcyclist, who visited the accident scene on Saturday to put down flags. "Somebody made a mistake, and it turned out to be pretty deadly."

A pickup truck towing a flatbed trailer collided with the group of 10 motorcycles around 6:30 p.m. Friday on U.S. 2, a two-lane highway in the tiny North Woods community of Randolph. The pickup truck caught fire, and witnesses described a "devastating" scene as bystanders tried to help the injured amid shattered motorcycles.

This weekend's long-planned "Blessing of the Bikes" ceremony an hour to the north of the accident was expected to be especially emotional this year. Meanwhile, members of the motorcycle community had already begun organizing help for the victims' families, said Cat Wilson, who organizes a motorcycle charity event in Massachusetts and is a friend of some of the crash victims.
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On a personal note:This is what all of us fear the most

We know the dangers that can come from a bike breaking down, which did happen and one of our members was killed after a saddle bag dropped off another bike.

We also know the dangers that come on the road with other drivers.

My husband and I have been with the Nam Knights MC in Orlando for ten years. They are veterans and members of law enforcement, firefighters and patriotic folks serving others who served.

It is family! Wives are usually on the back of the bikes, or on their own. We have lost members because some other driver in a car decided their time was more valuable than our lives.

We love! We love riding together and working toward helping others. I used to ride on the back of my husband's Harley until my back was so messed up, I have to meet them where they are going.

To have a pack of ten bikes hit and know that 7 did not survive, is mind boggling!

Please go to this GoFundMe and donate what you can!

Jarheads MC - Victims and Families support

On Friday, June 21st 2019 Jarheads MC was riding to a charity event at the local American Legion in Gorham, New Hampshire Post #82. Our pack was struck by an oncoming vehicle and we lost 5 patch holders and 2 supporters, and many others are injured. 

Our club and the families are going to need help and we cannot do it alone. I am pleading with you all, please do what you can, and 100% of the funds raised will go where it is needed to help ease some of the financial burden left behind after this tragic event. Jarheads MC has always been about helping veterans and their families. 

Please help us now and give what you can. Everything you can do is appreciated. We are strong enough to get through this, but we ask for and need your support.

Names and conditions of all will not be shared at this time as we are still being impacted by news as it arrives. We will be in New Hampshire the rest of the weekend supporting our friends and families.

*Jarheads Motorcycle Club is a club consisting of active duty or honorably discharged Marines and FMF Corpsmen. We ride and serve veterans and veteran families in our committees, with chapters in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Jarheads Motorcycle Club charity ride turned deadly for 7 in New Hampshire

update  Trucker charged with 7 counts of negligent homicide in crash that killed motorcyclists

USA Today
John Bacon
6/24/ 2019

A truck driver was charged Monday with seven counts of negligent homicide in a gruesome collision with a group of motorcyclists on a remote New Hampshire highway.

Volodymyr Zhukovskyy, 23, was arrested at his home in West Springfield, Massachusetts, early Monday by the Massachusetts State Police Fugitive Apprehension Unit, the New Hampshire attorney general's office said in a statement.

"Mr. Zhukovskyy was taken into custody on a fugitive from justice charge," the statement said. He was expected to make his first court appearance later Monday.
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update Victims of New Hampshire Marine JarHeads motorcycle crash ID’d as bikers bid goodbye

Authorities identified the dead as
Michael Ferazzi, 62, of Contoocook, New Hampshire
Albert Mazza, 49, of Lee, New Hampshire
Desma Oakes, 42, of Concord, New Hampshire
Aaron Perry, 45, of Farmington, New Hampshire
Daniel Pereira, 58, of Riverside, Rhode Island
Joanne and Edward Corr, both 58, of Lakeville, Massachusetts. read more here

Pickup Truck In New Hampshire Collides With Marine Motorcycle Group; 7 Killed

Bobby Allyn
June 22, 2019

The group was on a charity ride connected to an American Legion in Gorham, N.H., according to an online fundraiser set up for the families of the victims.

"Jarheads MC has always been about helping veterans and their families and sadly, today we are in need of that same support," wrote Doug Hayward, a member of the Jarheads Motorcycle Club.

This photo provided by Miranda Thompson shows the scene where several motorcycles and a pickup truck collided on a rural, two-lane highway on Friday. Miranda Thompson/AP

A pickup truck in rural New Hampshire struck and killed seven people on motorcycles Friday night. The crash ignited a small fire in a nearby wooded area and left a wreckage of damaged vehicles and the bodies of victims strewn across the highway.

State police said a Dodge pickup truck hit the motorcycles around 6:30 p.m. Friday along U.S. 2 in Randolph.

Authorities are still investigating what caused the deadly collision. Police have not released the names of the victims or the pickup driver, who witnesses said survived the incident.

"It's tragic," New Hampshire State Police Capt. Chris Vetter told reporters Friday night. "Our concern right now is with the victims, the victims' families and anybody else who was adversely affected by this accident," he said.

Police said two other motorcyclists were injured and one person was airlifted to a local hospital after the crash on the two-lane highway.

Some of the riders were members of the Jarheads Motorcycle Club, which comprises active and veteran Marines. They were on their way to a bike gathering in northern New Hampshire, said Charlie St. Clair, executive director of the Laconia Motorcycle Week Association, a large motorcycle gathering that ended last weekend.
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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Afghanistan veteran and wife on motorcycle killed by vulture

Army Veteran, Wife Killed in Crash With Vulture: Kansas Patrol

By The Associated Press
April 22, 2019

MEDICINE LODGE, Kan.—Authorities say a vulture caused a crash that killed an Army veteran and his wife as they rode a motorcycle in southern Kansas.

The Kansas Highway Patrol says the bird came out of a ditch Saturday afternoon, April 20, and struck 42-year-old Brandon Husband, of Fowler, in the head on a rural road near Medicine Lodge, about 75 miles southwest of Wichita. 

The motorcycle then went off the road, struck a barbed wire fence and overturned. The patrol says neither Husband nor his wife, 43-year-old Jennifer Lynn Husband , was wearing a helmet.

Brandon Husband’s obituary says he served one tour in Kosovo, three in Afghanistan and was part of an Iraqi soldier training mission on the Iraq-Jordan border.

The Husbands leave behind four children.
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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Navy Veteran-Firefighter found dead months after losing wife

Ex-Nassau County firefighter wanted for DUI in wife's death found dead

By Ashley Spicer - Reporter, anchor
October 23, 2018

CALLAHAN, Fla. - A 48-year-old Navy veteran and retired Nassau County Fire-Rescue lieutenant wanted on a DUI manslaughter warrant connected to the death of his wife was found dead Tuesday afternoon, the Nassau County Sheriff's Office said.
The Florida Highway Patrol issued an arrest warrant last week for Curtis Bollinger, and he retired from the Nassau County Fire Department two days later. The Nassau County Sheriff's Office hadn't been able to locate him but got a call that his car had been seen at a cemetery at Live Oak Baptist Church in Callahan.

When deputies responded about 12:30 p.m. Tuesday, they found Bollinger dead inside the car from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Bollinger and his wife, 29-year-old Shannon Bollinger, were in a motorcycle crash at 1 a.m. April 15 on State Road 200 in Callahan. Curtis Bollinger drove into the median and his Harley Davidson overturned. Both were thrown from the bike. Shannon Bollinger landed in the roadway and was killed when she was hit by another car.
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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Motorcycle crash claimed life of soldier who survived Afghanistan and Iraq

Motorcyclist killed in Saturday crash was JBER soldier
By Chris Klint
October 8th 2018

The man killed last weekend in a Gambell Street motorcycle crash was an Army soldier, military officials confirmed Monday.
JBER soldier Staff Sgt. James Alcorn, 35, died in an Oct. 6, 2018 motorcycle crash on Gambell Street in Anchorage, according to Anchorage police. (Credit: From U.S. Army Alaska)
Staff Sgt. James Alcorn, 35, was a field artilleryman assigned to Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson's 4th Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), 25th Infantry Division according to U.S. Army Alaska spokesman John Pennell.

Alcorn, who joined the Army in 2006, served at Fort Benning, Fort Knox and Fort Bragg in the southern U.S. before being assigned to JBER in July 2016. He had served two combat tours in Afghanistan, as well as one in Iraq.
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Monday, October 1, 2018

Motorcycle accident claimed life of Camp Lejeune Marine

Camp Lejeune Marine killed in motorcycle accident
September 30, 2018

SNEADS FERRY, N.C. (WITN) - A Camp Lejeune Marine was killed in a motorcycle accident Saturday evening, Highway Patrol Troopers said.
The accident happened along Old Folkstone Road near Scuba Drive in Sneads Ferry around 5:55 p.m., Trooper Adam Hostinsky said.

The motorcyclist, Trevor Richardet, 19, had been traveling east on Old Folkstone Road at a high rate of speed when a pick-up truck pulled out of a driveway in front of him, Hostinsky said.
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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Firefighter-Marine Veteran Killed in Motorcycle Crash

Firefighter killed in Lincoln crash was Marine veteran
KCRA 3 News
July 13, 2018
South Placer Fire: David Volk received Purple Heart Citation after being injured in Iraq
LINCOLN, Calif. (KCRA) — A South Placer firefighter who was killed Friday in a single-vehicle motorcycle crash on a Highway 65 off-ramp was a Marine who was wounded in Iraq, according to the fire district.

David Volk, 31, died after his motorcycle crashed on the Lincoln Boulevard off-ramp, the fire department said in a released statement.

It's unclear what time the crash happened, but the scene was discovered sometime around 6 a.m. Friday.

"We're kind of looking at everything. There's some physical evidence, there's some skid marks. So, we have to look at everything before we can make that determination," California Highway Patrol Office David Martinez said.
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Friday, June 22, 2018

Fatal motorcycle crash claimed life of sailor

Motorcyclist Killed on I-5 Was Aspiring Navy SEAL
By NBC 7 Staff
Jun 21, 2018

A member of the U.S. Navy was killed when his motorcycle collided with a car on Interstate 5 near the San Diego-Coronado Bridge Friday.
Lt. j.g. mid Mason Calhoun, 24, was an active-duty midshipman who lived in Pacific Beach, according to the San Diego County Medical Examiner's Office.

Calhoun was on his way to turn in paperwork as part of the application process to be a US Navy SEAL, his mother told a Virginia television station.
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Friday, September 22, 2017

Iraq Veteran Ron Creech Remembered After Fatal Motorcycle Accident

Family, friends gather to remember veteran killed in recent wreck

WHNT 19 News
Melissa Riopka
September 22, 2017

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Family and friends gathered together on Thursday to remember Ron Creech. They held a vigil near where the 33-year-old Iraq War Veteran died in a motorcycle wreck. The wreck happened on Triana Boulevard on September 15th.

"I knew something was wrong when I got there and the doors weren't opened," remembers Sheri Layne, the general manager of Durham School Services. "Something in my heart said I need to go check and see what's going here because Ron's not here and he's always here."
Ron was a mechanic with Durham Schools Services. Before that, he was in the military where he served with the 82nd Airborne Division with Military Intelligence. He was also a father. 

Ron had an infant daughter that passed away at 11 months old, and he was survived by a 12-year-old son.
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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Camp Pendleton Marine Saved Wife Before Fatal Motorcycle Crash

Camp Pendleton Marine Saved Wife Before Dying in Motorcycle Crash
Times of San Diego
JULY 15, 2017

A man who saved his wife by pushing her off their motorcycle before a fatal collision was identified Saturday as a Camp Pendleton Marine.

“He is so selfless that he pushed me off the motorcycle before we hit the bottom of the embankment. I miss my best friend, my soulmate, my everything,” said his wife, in a post on social media.

Promlikhit Khamkhong, 27, was riding a motorcycle with his wife seated beside him late Thursday near Lower Otay Lake, when they careened off a curve on westbound Otay Lakes Road and plunged down a steep embankment, according to the medical examiner’s office.
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Friday, June 30, 2017

Motorcycle Crash Claimed Life of Navy Corpsman

Man killed in Camp Lejeune crash identified as Navy corpsman

Jacksonville Daily News
Amanda Thames
June 29, 2017
Camp Lejeune has identified the man killed in a one-vehicle motorcycle crash on base this week.
Petty Officer 3rd Class Sean Youngwelch, 29, of Buffalo, New York died in a motorcycle crash Tuesday, said First Lt. Eric Abrams with the base’s public affairs office, but the details of the crash itself remain few.
“The specifics of the situation are still pending investigation,” Abrams said.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Marine Married for Just 10 Days, Died in Motorcycle Crash

Family Mourns Newlywed US Marine Killed in Motorcycle Crash
NBC Los Angeles
By David Summers and Monica Garske
Lance Corporal Brandon Laughman and his wife had only been married 10 days before he died
An active duty United States Marine who was killed in a motorcycle crash in Mission Valley this week had gotten married to his high school sweetheart just 10 days before the accident.

"He has a big heart and [is] very independent. Love for his family, if he had his mind set on something, he had his mind on it,” said Kaytlin Laughman, wife of Lance Corporal Brandon Laughman, 20, in a phone interview with NBC 7 Friday.

The couple had wed in Urbana, Ohio, where Laughman was born and raised. Days after marrying his bride, Laughman returned to active duty in San Diego.
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Monday, May 8, 2017

Motorcycle Crash Claimed Life of Navy Seabee

Navy Seabee Identified As Victim Of Fatal Motorcycle Crash
Associated Press
Published: May 8, 2017

BILOXI, Miss. (AP) – A Navy Seabee stationed in Gulfport has been identified as the man who crashed his motorcycle on a state highway and died.

The Sun Herald reports that Harrison County Chief Deputy Brian Switzer says 27-year-old Jimmy Truong, of San Diego, lost control of the bike and went over an embankment on Saturday.

Authorities say he was wearing a helmet and protective gear.
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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Fatal Motorcycle Crash Claimed Life of Marine From Florida

Marine from Eustis dies in motorcycle crash in North Carolina 
Orlando Sentinel 
Jerry Fallstrom 
Apri 4, 2017
A 22-year-old Marine from Eustis was killed last week in motorcycle accident in North Carolina, according to media reports.
Lance Cpl. Spencer Timothy Draper, who was stationed at Camp Lejeune, ran off the right side of the road March 27 while going around a slight bend near Richlands, The Daily News of Jacksonville, N.C., reported. He struck a mailbox, lost control of the motorcycle, overturned several times and was ejected, the newspaper reported. read more here

Monday, February 20, 2017

Soldier Saved Seven Lives After Motorcycle Crash Claimed His

Soldier gives ultimate gift to seven strangers
Claremore Progress
Diana Dickinson
February 19, 2017
While family members were praying to God to save their loved one after a tragic motorcycle crash left him brain dead, other individuals elsewhere were praying to God for another day.

Twenty-one-year-old Oklahoma Army Reserve National Guardsman SPC Teddy L. Keys Jr., of Oologah, was a soldier who saved or improved the lives of seven people when doctors could not save him after a crash on April 27, 2015.

Because he became brain dead prior to his death and had maintained great physical health, his bones, tissues and other organs were all eligible for reuse and were harvested.
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